Who Let These People Sue?

No one wants to be caught in a lawsuit. But sometimes, life deals you a bum hand of cards, and you have to face the facts. Whether you’re looking for a drunk driving attorney or a personal injury lawyer, going through the lawsuit motions can be taxing on your body and mind. Take a load off with these super ridiculous lawsuits. It’s really hard to argue that these people had a case at all. Eek! Get them away! – An Ohio high school teacher attempted to sue the district after they moved her from a high school to a middle school. What’s all the fuss? She claims to suffer from pedophobia, an extreme fear of young children. She

Like Riding Your Bike? Three Ways to Avoid an Accident

In 2013, at least 13 million bicycles were sold across the U.S. That translates to a lot of people riding around on the streets alongside cars. Accidents are bound to happen. There are a few steps you can take to protect yourself. 1. Wear your helmet. It should not need to be said that proper protection can minimize your risk of injury. However, how often to you see a bicyclist on the road? Are they wearing a helmet? In fatal accidents, bicycling injuries can include severe brain damage.

You Are Not Sherlock Holmes! When to Hire a Private Investigator

Ever since 1841 when Poe created his Detective Dupin to solve The Murders in the Rue Morgue, it would seem each generation has its own favorite private investigator. The late 1800s had Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, now also of the eponymous television show of this century. The cynical Sam Spade and his partner from the 1930s is another stylized version of a private instigator firm. Popular film and television tend to glamorize and at the same time criminalize private detectives, where the truth of the matter is their job deals more with routine cases on a day to day basis. 1. I need to hire a private investigator.The top three reasons a private investigator is hired, whether by an individual or a company, is to find a missing person, to do surveillance, or

Do You Need an Accident and Injury Lawyer? Here Are Three Reasons You Might

An unforeseen accident that has the consequence of temporarily or permanently placing a limitation on your professional and personal activities can be grounds for a personal injury claim. Auto accident settlements, bicycling accident injuries, and even elderly neglect in nursing homes are three instances of when a personal injury law firm can be of help. 1. Auto Accident Settlements. It is estimated that three million people in the U.S. each year are injured in a car accident. Auto insurance is a requirement to drive legally, but what if there are complications? Your insurance company may handle any problems that pop up, if they are a long-trusted and diligent provider.

Claiming Workers’ Compensation Shouldn’t Be Hard Read This!

Many people are afraid to report being hurt at work or getting sick due to working, as they’re afraid the company they work for won’t compensate them for their time off. Paid sick leave or compensation programs legally have to exist, but many individuals fear that their work will find some loophole and not follow through. If these employees don’t receive their pay, many of them can’t afford to take time off, as their family relies on their paycheck. If you get hurt at work and your boss refuses to give you the benefits you’re entitled to and/or retaliates against you for making such a claim, or if your injury is bad enough to keep you from going back to work, you may

What You Need to Be Asking Auto Injury Attorneys

You can find a lot of information regarding car accident injury lawsuits online, but that doesn’t mean all of it is accurate. That’s why, if you’re actually considering a lawsuit, it’s so important you actually consult auto injury attorneys in person. But if you’re just doing some preliminary research, here are answers to five of the most common questions people ask auto injury attorneys to get you started: What Is Negligence, Exactly? You’ve probably been told that in order to file a claim or lawsuit, you’ll need to prove the other driver’s negligence. What does that actually mean? Basically, you’ll need to show two things: that the driver had a duty to act a certain w