Being a good lawyer entails being devoted to your community. Lawyers are required to adhere to the law. They have an obligation to make sure that others abide by the law or have the right to be defended by a lawyer if they are accused of committing a crime by another party. I’m Herbert Belkin, and I am a community-minded individual. I am not a lawyer, but I think it’s important to give legal advice to those who need it. There are some people who believe that traditional community values and participation are no longer a necessity in this new millennium. However, I beg to differ! I believe that if we’re not watching our own and our neighbors’ backs and making sure that everyone has a voice in the functioning of our communities, then we risk weakening our democracy. I created this website with a mind to promote the distribution of advantageous legal information, so that other community minded lawyers and civilians become organized and partake in their own governance. It’s imperative that the average person is able to navigate the turbulent waters of local law. On this site you’ll find an abundance of valuable articles, infographics, videos and more. All of the information that I’m providing you with is dedicated to expanding your knowledge when covering topics that are ambiguous and perhaps circumstantial in nature, which is especially true when the area of study or concentration is the law.


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