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What to Do When You Need a Good Criminal Defense Lawyer

A communications veteran, John Patrick Dolan is a radio broadcaster and television legal news analyst appearing frequently on Fox News Channel, MSNBC, and Court TV. When you are in need of the services provided by criminal defense law firms, turn to John Patrick Dolan. He actually supported himself during law school as a stockbroker for Merrill Lynch, so you can trust that he is talented, he works hard, and he will fight tooth and nail for you. John Patrick Dolan is a native Californian. He grew up in Huntington Beach, California “Surf City USA.” His undergraduate studies at California State University Fullerton yielded a Bachelor degree in Speech Communication and Political Science. During Law School he served as a law clerk and sat second chair on numerous criminal cases including two murder tria

Are You Saying I Need a Family Lawyer

There may be many situations where you will be saying to yourself, I need a family lawyer. Perhaps the most prevalent situation is a divorce. In the United States, there are an average of four divorces filed every minute. One of the many issues that often occur in a divorce situation that will have people saying, I need a family lawyer, are those surrounding child custody and support. An estimated 82.6% of custodial parents in the United States, and an estimated 26.3% of American children in the country live in a single parent household. Many of these parents find themselves in situations where they are saying, I need a family lawyer. Often, during a divorce, parents will go to battle of the children and their custody and support. However, when you are saying to yourself, I need a family lawyer, you sh

How to Interpret Legislative Documentation More Effectively

Did you know that modern American legal terminology is derived from Latin and French? This sometimes causes clarity issues, which can affect one’s ability to effectively fight a case in court. Since legal terminology can be difficult to understand, it is important to seek help from a legislative intent service. By doing so, you will be able to locate and interpret the legislative documentation you need in order to fight more effectively in court. 1. Why is legislative intent important? Legal research is essential because it helps make federal and state statutes more intelligible. Although legal English stems from standard English, it differs g

What Happens When You Are Charged With DUI?

what happens when you get a DUI? Honestly, it often depends on your lawyer, your situation, and a number of other variables. When it comes to driving under the influence, one size does not fit all. In addition, the criminal justice system is not perfect, and good people often get caught up in it because of mistakes or minor offenses. With that said, however, if you are charged with DUI or any similar crimes, you best bet would be to get in touch with a good criminal attorney. Finding a good traffic attorney can be a challenge as well. A traffic attorney can sometimes be a

Get Through Your Divorce With a Family Divorce Lawyer

Ironically, the month of February with Valentines Day and all, is the month that sees the most divorce filings. The divorce rate in the United States sees that approximately 50% of all marriages will end in divorce, while 605 of second marriages will end in divorce. Interestingly, a University of Cincinnati study fro August 2012 shows that men are more likely than women to turn to drinking after a divorce. Drinking aside, if you are going through a divorce, it is important that you find a good family divorce lawyer to represent you. Family law deals with marriage, civil unions, and domestic partnerships, including divorce and child custody proceedings. Interestingly, in many jurisdictions in the United States, family courts have the most crowded dockets. Because during a divorce you may be facing all sorts

Divorce for Women and Men Rates are Very High and Rising

There are some startling statistics about divorce rates in the United States that you might not be aware of. According the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 50% of all marriages will end in divorce. Additionally, in the U.S., 60% of second marriages end in divorce. Additionally there is an average of four divorces filed every minute. With these statistics, it is no wonder that divorce for women and divorce for men is on the forefront of legal proceedings occurring every day. There are many issues surrounding divorce for women and men, including alimony and child custody issues. There are also issues of division of property in divorce cases. These can sometimes become quite contentious and difficult processes to go through in divorce for women and men cases. Finding a good divorce attorney is im