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Recruiting board members —- WATCH VIDEO

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Spending Too Much Time on Facebook May End in Divorce

Can Facebook end your marriage? Does Facebook add to divorcing couples’ stress? Experts agree: the answer is yes. ABC News reports that one-third of divorce filings mention or implicate Facebook in some way. Furthermore, social media, online sharing, and text messaging often complicate the modern divorce process, according to The Huffington Post and Forbes. Here’s why Facebook causes married couples to split and continues to pose problems throughout the mediation and divorce process: Excessive Facebook Use May Be An Indication of Infidelity Facebook is most likely to come up in initial filings for at-fault and uncontested divorces in one of three ways, ABC News reveals. First, spouses file for a split owing to inappropriate messages suggesting or proving infidelity. Second, d

Fast and Efficient Office Relocation Services

Did you know that the St. Louis metro area is home to an estimated 47,241 small businesses? Of course, since small businesses are opening and closing weekly, that number changes regularly. Regardless of the number of small businesses that open and close their doors, several of those businesses are bound to succeed and grow to the point that office moves will be necessary. While it is great news for those small businesses that outgrow the buildings or offices in which they started, the process of business moving is an unenviable task. No matter how smoothly and efficiently the relocation process is done, some level of inconvenience is inevitable. In order to minimize the disruption of office moving, office relocation

What Does an Immigration Lawyer Do?

Did you know that just under 70 percent of the foreign born population in America has obtained a high school diploma, GED, or college degree? Immigration has been a significant part of the United States’ development for many years, and besides making up a significant portion of the country’s population, immigrants contribute to the work force and the economy as well. Some immigrants have trouble obtaining a green card or otherwise securing permanent legal residency in the United States. Obtaining U.S. citizenship requires some sort of action, like applying for and receiving a green card or taking a citizenship test. For those who have trouble obtaining legally sanctioned residency in America, talking to an immig

Riverside personal injury attorney —- VIDEO

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Indiana bankruptcy attorneys —- VIDEO

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