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LOL? What Divorce Advice Can We Learn From Popular Divorce Jokes?

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before… So a son asks his dad on his 50th wedding anniversary what the key is to a long, loving, lasting marriage. the dad says, “Simple. Don’t get divorced, stupid.” Of course, there’s a reason they call it irreconcilable differences instead of we-could-work-it-out-but-maybe-it-would-be-easier-to-spend-a-year-getting-divorced-differences. So what divorce advice can we learn from that old joke, “Don’t get divorced”? There’s a simple, painful lesson — too many people still view divorce as some sort of moral failure, rather than as a necessary, often healthy decision made by two consenting adults. Instead, let’s look at another j

How Can a Father Win Custody of His Children?

In Missouri, a father’s rights are protected by statutes, which state that gender cannot be a factor in the awarding of child custody. Though these laws are gender neutral, family divorce lawyers know that a ruling might not play out as gender blind as it should be. That’s why the violation of a father’s rights in St. Louis isn’t a result of the law, but rather the people associated with the case. It comes down to the judge, the opposing family law attorneys, and family members advocating for “traditional” outcomes, which usually strip a father’s rights. This is why it’s so important to have a good divorce lawyer on your side. They know how to deal with all of the factors that are usually set between you and the custody of y

The Benefits of Seeking Help From a Child Support Lawyer for Men

Did you know that Western states have the highest marriage and divorce rates, while the Northeastern states have the lowest rates of marriage and divorce? In addition, according to a 2012 Norwegian study, the divorce rate among couples who split the household chores is twice as high as households in which the wife handles all the housework. Divorce can be a traumatic experience, especially if children are involved. If you and your wife have decided to permanently separate, a child support lawyer for men will be able to help you and your kids during this troubling time. Lawyers for child support concentrate in the area of family law. Family law handles all matters related t