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Crime Labs Aren?t Perfect

Police labs are able to achieve remarkable results with growing technologies. Many forensic labs are able to analyze small samples of substances to reveal a whole host of information from DNA to more detailed analytics in crimes with violence and with weapons. Small sample sizes can provide evidence in a criminal trial, even a drop of blood. Fingerprints can show for sure that a suspect was at a location when they said they were. And sampled DNA in the form of saliva can create a lead in a case. More recently, however, many forensic techniques and analyses have been noted for their inaccuracies and errors. Quite often these errors are a result of human mistakes. Cont

Will You Need a Legal Representative For a Workers Compensation Claim?

No one wants to be injured at work. When an accident does happen, obtaining the services of an attorney can be crucial to receiving the support you need. It can be intimidating to consult a legal representative if you haven’t had cause to do so before. Here are a few reasons to convince you. Although businesses are required to provide workers compensation in 74% of states, many employees find that it is not a simple thing to request the support they’re due. For example, it is estimated that 85% of workers compensation claims are a result of a slippery floor causing an employee mishap. On average, recovering from such an accident requires 22% of the filers of these instances to take more than 31 day