Whistleblower Law firms : 101

Fraud is an unfortunate feature of business that every owner must deal with. Fortunately, well-intentioned employees notice more than their bosses do and come forward with observed accounts of fraud. This is known as whistleblowing, the act of reporting evidence of fraud or misconduct internally within a company or government. Whistleblowing has a very real impact. Research shows that 65% of employees who observed wrongdoing reported what they’d seen, costing a typical company about five percent of its annual revenue. What’s more, about one in five corporate fraud cases reported in the United States between 1996 and 2014 was brought to light by a whistleblower — that’s 20% of corporate fraud cases over 18 years. Whistleblower law firms exist to protect the whistleblower under federal and state law. Almost half of employees who see malpractice choose not to report it due to the fear of being retaliated against. No matter what, though, you need to say something when you see something wrong, which is also why you need the help of a whistleblower lawyer. There are some benefits to reporting fraud, known as qui tam lawsuits. A qui tam lawsuit is a civil lawsuit brought by the whistleblower under the

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