Crime Labs Aren?t Perfect

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Police labs are able to achieve remarkable results with growing technologies. Many forensic labs are able to analyze small samples of substances to reveal a whole host of information from DNA to more detailed analytics in crimes with violence and with weapons. Small sample sizes can provide evidence in a criminal trial, even a drop of blood. Fingerprints can show for sure that a suspect was at a location when they said they were. And sampled DNA in the form of saliva can create a lead in a case.

More recently, however, many forensic techniques and analyses have been noted for their inaccuracies and errors. Quite often these errors are a result of human mistakes. Contamination and bad evidence collection practices can lead to slipups.

In many cases, including homicide cases, an innocent criminal defendant can be protected from bad evidence by detail oriented legal counsel. Although many of the technicians who work on criminal evidence are trained and supervised, all evidence should make sure each alleged piece of evidence is truthful.

According to the CDC, data from 2014 says that there were a total of approximately sixteen thousand homicide deaths in the U.S. The same source also says that this high number of assaults, or homicides, with the 17th highest cause of death in that same year. With an abundance of evidence on multiple cases, statewide and on a federal level, it is likely there will be oversights.

Many laboratories are thought of in regard to popular television shows. Those programs present sophisticated crime drams that use high-end equipment and techniques to solve a case. These shows can give the impression that crime-labs never give an incorrect results, which is false. More importantly, for many real-life crimes outside of television, evidence results are not as infallible. People make mistakes no matter who they are, or what they are doing. That includes those working in police evidence labs.

There have been mainstream news accusations that modern day crime labs are instead a result of ?junk science.? A result of these overactive forensic science labs may be leading to unjust convictions. It is also suggested that these crime labs have been producing incorrect results over a long period of time, especially with regards to drug crime cases.

Older cases are being dismissed for lack of evidence given that the labs or the persons running the labs made mistakes. There is also a noted large backlog of accumulated evidence at many state-run labs, which may lead to delayed results after a long time interval. Some lab-technicians have been noted to be mishandling evidence, they have not been properly trained or are implementing their training incorrectly. A few technicians, who work with the police departments, are also being accused of offering false testimony about what they have found by their tests. It is important to watch for mishandling of evidence, and to be sure an attorney is monitoring a case for mishandled evidence.

A criminal defense attorney with experience will help make sure that all the evidence in a case provided by the defendant and the authorities, that pertains to their criminal case, is vetted and found to be accurate. Accuracy and verifiable proof leads to lawful and just outcomes.

If you are facing charges and require the assistance of a criminal defense attorney or murder defense attorney near Indianapolis or surrounding counties, be sure to call for an initial consultation. It is important to speak to a manslaughter or murder defense attorney before speaking with the IMPD. A murder defense attorney can assist you with handling your case.

Having an knowledgeable and competent murder defense attorney can help you get a fair result at trial or during a plea bargaining. Speaking with an attorney before you speak to the police will make sure you do not admit to crimes you have not committed. Having the presence of an attorney with you during questioning or interrogation is vital. The presence of a lawyer during a trial and interviews may help your case to end in a positive outcome. 68 million people in the U.S. are living with a criminal record. Be sure to acquire good legal counsel before the next steps in your case are taken for you.

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