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Lies on Resumes Getting More Elaborate

What are some things slipping through the cracks during interviews? According to U.S. News over a third of all resumes contain lies, and more than half contain exaggerations and partial truths. Those numbers are easily cause for alarm — especially among businesses and institutions who have a lot at stake and cannot risk negative publicity. Large corporations and law firms, for example, need to tread very carefully. Here’s what companies need to know: The Most Likely Lies U.S. News reports that job seekers are most likely to tweak dates of employment, exaggerate or tack onto past accomplishments, and embellish past job titles and duties. “We keep being told that working anywhere less than a year looks bad. So rather than fess up to the fact, some people are

Did You Know There Are Many Different Kinds of Restraining Orders?

Every year, according to, approximately 860,000 restraining orders are filed by criminal law attorneys in the States. The reasons for and the laws on restraining orders vary from place to place. However, one of the most common reasons for taking out restraining orders is domestic abuse. As statistics from Safe Horizon, an organization advocating for the rights of the abused, show, women in the U.S. experience more than four million domestic assaults a year, with children experiencing a heart-breaking three million. If you’re in a bad situation and you need to file a restraining order, or you feel you’ve h

Was Your Car Damaged in an Accident?

Car accidents are a way of life in the United States. With over 200 million drivers on the road each day, it’s impossible to avoid them. As you might imagine, these car accidents have a high cost, both to drivers’ health and their wallets. According to statistics from the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association, car accidents cost Americans $99 billion a year, and that’s just for medical bills. Adding the cost of repairs brings the true total closer to $160 billion. In the best case scenario, insurance companies and at-fault parties will do their part to make the victims of accidents whole, whether that means paying repair bills, medical costs, or both. Unfortunately, that’s frequently not the case. Subsequently, according to, auto accident injury claims account for 60% of all t

The Truth About Personal Injury Cases

If you were ever to become a victim of someone else’s carelessness or reckless behavior, would you know how to choose a personal injury attorney? Given that another persons act of negligence can result in a severe, and even permanently debiliating, injury of an innocent individual, it is crucial that every person be aware of the rights of personal injury victims. Personal injuries can adversely affect a victim’s life in countless ways. In addition to causing tremendous pain and suffering, a serious personal injury can bring a victim’s life to a standstill, and create problems from which a victim and his or her family might never recover. For instance, severe personal injuries can render a person unable to continue with their current employment

Resumes Often Contain Lies and Partial Truths

How many people tell lies and partial truths on their resumes? According to U.S. News and a study by the Society of Humane Resource Managers, “More than half of resumes contain lies.” Carefully interviewing and screening candidates can be difficult, especially if you are hiring for important positions, such as lawyers or legal board members. The Most Common Lies on Resumes “n 2008, British chef Robert Irving was fired from his own show on the Food Network’s Dinner Impossible when it was uncovered that he didn’t actually design the royal couple’s [Princess Diana and Prince Charles'] wedding cake, but that he only attended the school where it was made and contributed by picking fruit for the cake,” Business Insider reports. Although this is an extreme exampl

Divorcing Couples Fight for Custody Of Their Pets

Soon-to-be ex spouses are approaching family divorce lawyers with an unexpected impasse: an increasing number of couples are unable to reach agreements about who should get custody of pets — and whether ex-partners should be able to continue visiting pets after a split. Many clients expect actions and legal recourse equitable to mediation for child custody. Here’s courts are handling it: Pets are Not Kids, Florida Judge Says Some courts have very little patience for disputes over pets. Judges remind ex spouses that they are not working with child custody attorneys. A 1995 Florida court ruling was unapologetic: “Determinations