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Survey Reveals Americans Believe Most Workers’ Compensation Claimants Don’t Want to Work

Workers’ compensation claimants and even some workers compensation attorneys and personal injury lawyers have a bad rap, but no one thought it was this bad. A recent survey commissioned by Summit Pharmacy Inc. revealed workers hurt on the job often face stigma and an overly complex legal process. The online survey was conducted between September 29 and October 1, 2014 among 2,016 adult participants ages 18 and older. The survey’s findings reveal startling figures. Approximately two in five Americans, or 37 percent, feel that the majority of workers’ compensation claims are filed by people who simply want to get out of working. In addition, one in three American workers or 34 percent, feel that if they were injured on the job, it would be difficult to receive a prescription

Why You Should Have a DUI Attorney

You’ve probably seen the no drinking and driving ads on TV, especially around the holidays. New York State’s motto is: 0.08, don’t blow it. Alaska’s BAC limit is the same as NYS: 0.08. Did you know that in 2007, 25 people were killed in Alaska due to a driver (or drivers) having an illegal BAC (blood alcohol content) level? In these cases, the drivers should have had the best DUI attorney possible to defend them. However, it’s useful in any case where alcohol is involved to have a DUI defense attorney. Alaska does have one of the highest DUI rates nationally; in 2002, Alaskan police arrested about 8 people out of 1000 on DUI/DWI charges. If you’re wondering: How much is a DUI attorney? Can I afford DUI attorney fees?, the answer is yes. Remember that you don’t have to be drunk to re

Bankruptcy Lawyer Bills Detroit $34,000 for a Reason You Won’t Believe

One of Detroit’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorneys billed the city nearly $34,000 — just so he could travel to and from his vacation home in Florida. According to a December 3 Detroit News article, David Heiman, a partner at law firm Jones Day who charges $1,075 per hour, also billed the city for the cost of private cars that would bring him between Detroit and his Cleveland, OH home as well as transport between Florida airports and his Fort Myers vacation home. Heiman’s fees are currently under scrutiny in an ongoing federal investigation looking at how reasonable Detroit’s lawyers and consultants were in bestowing more than $140 million in legal fees upon the city for their help with filing bankruptcy. According to the Detroit News, Heiman was one of the highest-pai