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Survey Reveals Americans Believe Most Workers’ Compensation Claimants Don’t Want to Work

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Workers’ compensation claimants and even some workers compensation attorneys and personal injury lawyers have a bad rap, but no one thought it was this bad. A recent survey commissioned by Summit Pharmacy Inc. revealed workers hurt on the job often face stigma and an overly complex legal process.

The online survey was conducted between September 29 and October 1, 2014 among 2,016 adult participants ages 18 and older.

The survey’s findings reveal startling figures. Approximately two in five Americans, or 37 percent, feel that the majority of workers’ compensation claims are filed by people who simply want to get out of working. In addition, one in three American workers or 34 percent, feel that if they were injured on the job, it would be difficult to receive a prescription for pain medication from their physician. Perhaps most surprising is that more than one-third of Americans, or 35 percent, agree that finding a workers compensation attorney and filing the necessary paperwork is difficult and unnecessarily complicated.

However, finding reputable and experienced workers compensation attorneys is easier than you think. In their haste the matter behind them, many injured workers settle for compensation from their employer’s insurance that is for less than what they deserve or are entitled to. Also, many are intimidated by the process of filing a workers compensation claim. This is why it is essential to find a work comp attorney as soon as possible following your injury.

Finding a lawyer is easy was consulting with family and friends for personal recommendations and conducting an online search. When choosing a lawyer, it’s important to listen to your intuition.

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