Have You Fallen Victim to a Timeshare Scam?

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Initially, it sounded like a great plan. The timeshare options were in great locations throughout the country and the timeshare sales representative was very convincing. Six months later, however, as more and more payments are due, both you and your husband are seriously questioning the decision that you made. And while your husband fears that there is no legal way to get out of the contract, you have still decided to talk to a team of timeshare lawyers to see if they have any advice to offer.
In the past, you and your husband never would have signed on to any timeshare agreements, but now that you find yourself working with timeshare lawyers and working out what is involved in cancelling a timeshare you can see that combination of things that lead to this uncharacteristic decision. You were in the middle of a great vacation at a really beautiful location and you both let yourselves get caught up in the excitement. In the past, you were all able to avoid such rash decisions because one of you always stayed level headed. On this occasion, however, you both let your guard down at the same time. The result is a contract that is financially limiting what you want to accomplish, so you are trying to do everything within your power to make sure that if it is possible, you get rid of timeshare obligations that will keep you overextended for years to come.
Timeshare Lawyers May Help You Cancel Timeshare Contracts That Were a Bad Decision
Some financial decisions have small implications; others are very costly. The fact that timeshare contracts can go on for years means that the financial implications can go on for years. The fact that these contracts are legally binding, however, means that without timeshare lawyers you may have no way out.
Consider some of these facts and figures about the timeshare industry and the contracts that are involved:

  • 3% of American households own a timeshare.
  • A total of 1,547 timeshare resorts are in America.
  • 46.8 years old is the ahe average age of timeshare owners in the U.S.
  • 85% of timeshare buyers regret their purchase. The reasons they most often cite are money, fear, confusion, intimidation, and distrust.
  • 25% of the timeshares in America are located in Florida.
  • The average price of a new timeshare is $20,040, and the entire timeshare industry in America is worth $70 billion.