Vehicle Accidents When to Consider a Civil Suit

It is a nightmare, and for many, one of the worst: a sudden devastating injury brought on by the negligence of others with you not in the least at fault. Although these injuries are possible in many areas of life, one area that seems to receive the most attention is a vehicle accident. A couple of statistics: In 2013, 21,000 individuals lost their lives in a traffic accident. In that same year, 2 million passenger vehicle occupants were injured. When to retain the counsel of a personal injury lawyer and to file a civil suit are personal choices and often involve a great deal of thought and consideration. But when considering the decisi

How The Congress And Senate Pass, Veto And Rectify Laws

When’s the last time you looked at federal statutes and regulations? Being familiar with the laws of your state and country at large is necessary to stay up to date on the changing face of the United States. From the California legislative history to the code sections of each state, federal statutes and regulations are a constantly evolving, shifting dynamic in a constantly evolving landscape. Below is a comprehensive list as to the functioning of Congress, the changing demographics of the Senate and how the country

Three Signs That You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

Nobody ever chooses to get injured. When you are injured in an accident that was the fault of someone else, it’s particularly infuriating. You made good, responsible and safe choices, yet someone else’s mistake led to your injury. Perhaps your injury has left you unable to work, and given you financial hardship on top of coping with your health. Whatever the case, if you’ve been injured as a result of the negligence, oversight, or wrongdoing of another person or party, you should talk to a personal injury lawyer right away about a potential settlement. Sometimes, the factors involved in the incident make it confusing over whether or not you should talk to a personal injury lawyer. Maybe

Divorce The Facts

No one likes to think about their marriage ending. For most people the idea of marriage is meant to be about a lifelong commitment, but the truth is all marriages end — by death or divorce. In the United States every 36 seconds a divorce takes place, a figure that equates to roughly 2,400 divorces a day and more than 875,000 divorces annually. The average marriage that ends in divorce lasts approximately nine years. Research has found that as much as 40% to 50% of first marriages and as much as 60% of second marriages end in divorce. If that difficult time should come, it is important you obtain the services of a good divorce lawyer to protect your rights and ensure that you both get the best settlement. Marriage and divorce rates are falling; according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),

Have Your Civil Rights Been Violated? Contact a Police Brutality Lawyer

In 2005, there were 26,946 tort, contract, and real property trials in the United States. Almost 60% of these were personal injury cases. Approximately 4% of all personal injury cases actually go to trial, however. This is because 95%-to-96% of these cases are settled out of court during pretrial negotiations. If someone is the victim of police misconduct, contacting a personal injury law firm to obtain the counsel of a police brutality lawyer is essential. A police brutality lawyer can apprise them of their civil rights and responsibilities. Defining Police Brutality IExcessive force can be challenging to define. Basically, it is defined as “the use of force gre

Find the Best Personal Injury Lawyer to Protect Your Settlement

Are you considering a divorce? Have you filed the papers? What about your spouse? Are they the one who instigated the divorce? Even if you’re currently in the middle of divorce proceedings, you’re going to have questions to ask a divorce attorney. Furthermore, if you’ve filed personal injury claims, are awaiting your personal injury settlements, or have recently been awarded a settlement, then you’re going to have questions to ask a personal injury lawyer as well. When you find the best personal injury lawyer, they can assist you with protecting your settlement in the event that you get divorced. United States Marriage and Divorce Statistics In addition to any