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5 Strategies for Improving Law Enforcement Safety

Police car video camera

Most Americans would agree that our law enforcement deserve safety when on the job. Law enforcement can be a particularly dangerous career. The less funding that a department has, the more problems it tends to have with safety. For example, you tend to see more safety concerns with local police departments versus state police, who have more in terms of tax funding. The following safety features are important and could improve the safety of even the local police departments.

More extensive of training

When budgets are low, enforcement members receive less training. Less training often translated into increased chances of danger. The law enforcement officer is not properly trained on safety procedures and the best ways to handle dangerous situations. Many of the police districts around the country could benefit from increased training programs that require more hours from each office. These training programs should also be taught by experienced law enforcement professionals.

Psychological resources

Law enforcement professionals may also be subject to troublesome situations. These situations, if not handled properly, could affect their ability to do their job properly. Currently, many police officers do not have much in terms of psychological or mental health resources. In fact, requesting such services could actually put a negative mark onto their record. This is a mistake, as these types of resources could actually improve the decision making of the enforcement professionals.

Body cams

Police body cameras are somewhat newer. Although some of the larger police stations, such as state police, are already equipped with these devices, many of the local districts do not yet have them. Body cams can be beneficial in protecting both the law enforcement professionals, as well as the residents of the community. When a situation occurs, it often comes down to the word of each party involved. Without proof, this can make it difficult to set charges or to put someone in jail. Body cams can provide judges with actual video footage of the events.

Police dash cams

A lot of an officer?s main duties include routine traffic violations. Again, the traffic violation or accident?s specific details often come down to different versions. In car police video systems allow a third party to specifically view the events of the traffic stop. They also have the ability to clearly identify drivers and other passengers in the vehicle. Dash cameras are growing in popularity. The global dashboard camera market, in terms of revenue, was valued at US $1,458.2 Mn in 2013 and is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 15.3% during the period from 2014 to 2020.

Live video feed

One of the biggest benefits of police body cameras is that the officers have an added level of safety. However, without live video feed to a person at the station, dangerous situations cannot be helped on the spot. If live video feed can be set up with the body cams, dispatchers will always know what is going on. If an officer requires backup, but is unable to call for it, they will still receive the help they need. Body cameras for law enforcement that real time plays back to the station can help increase safety for all.

There is no question that police officers have dangerous careers. They never know what they will face on a daily basis. It is important that we continue to improve their safety standards. This should include more extensive of safety training, more psychological and mental health resources, police dash cams, body cams, and direct live feed of these cameras. Currently, much of the police dash cam market is made up of larger state police districts, but local districts are also likely to see many benefits.

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