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Antitrust Attorneys Who They Are and What They Do

Who are lawyers or attorneys that practice antitrust law?

Lawyers that practice antitrust law is sometimes called “competition law” attorneys (What are Antitrust Attorney. (2019, July 24.). This is a unique emphasis within domestic and worldwide law.

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There are statutes or regulations that promote statutes and open competition between different industries and antitrust lawyers can help companies of various sizes with these issues. Antitrust law analyzes the interests and activities of businesses.

A few of the laws that are analyzed include monopoly activities, mergers, and price inequities.

Much of the antitrust lawyers’ work includes the focus on prices and markets. This means that the work of antitrust attorneys has a lot to do with economics as well.

Who Are They?

Dependent on if they are independent lawyers or work with a firm there are different aspects of the day-to-day activities that may happen.
These types of lawyers communicate with other senior business representatives and clients at some of the world’s biggest entities.

Part of their job is answered trust partner is to give these entities reliable advice and to construct strong strategies for their cases.

Antitrust lawyers can jump from case-to-case type dependent on the need. Some of the case types include big deals mergers that are high profile and separate litigation areas.

What Do They Do?

Dependent on their job role within a firm, the role of an antitrust lawyer can be slightly different from each other.

For example, senior associates are accountable for all day-to-day administration of a case. Senior associates also handle advanced facets of a case. There are also roles such as junior associates as well.


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