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Arrested On Drug Charges? Here?s A Few Things You SHould Know

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Getting arrested and facing prison time for drug charges is a major wake up call for anyone. Depending on the details of the arrest you have several options out there that can help you beat the case or plan your next course of action. But one thing is certain, this process will definitely not be an easy one. You must be very knowledgeable of the state and federal laws involving drug charges. You have to know your legal rights to due process and innocent until proven guilty.

Let?s take a closer look at the guidelines everyone should know even if they?ve never been hit with drug charges.

Any criminal defense attorney who?ve helped clients who were arrested for drug charges will tell you you?re right to remain silent is something you should exercise at all times. This may not be a lawful requirement but it is in your best interest to say absolutely nothing during your arrest. Do not feel intimidated while being questioned and make sure to you call your attorney the second you have a chance to.

Always remember that you have the right to challenge every single thing that the police say or do during the arrest. It?s very important that to do this you collect the names and badge number of each and every arresting officer in order to combat them in court. Take photographs of the any bodily injuries well before treatment. Whether you?re defending yourself against a dwi, assault, theft, or in this case drug crimes, police officers are given a lot of leniency by the court due to their position of power and authority. But make sure you don’t try to resist which might be seen in a negative way.

Make sure you fully understand the drug charges you are facing before you even enter the courtroom. This is as important as consulting your lawyer immediately after your arrest to get everything in order. Unless you been hit with drug charges before it?s hard to fully understand the process. Know the penalties that you face and exactly what you’re being charged with. The most common of all the drug charges is usually possession. This means that you were caught with illegal drugs on you, on your property or you vehicle. Understand that while possession may be the main and primary charge, officers may find ways to penalize you more by adding other minor charges to that one. Especially if you had any intentions of distributing the drugs.

Last but not least, make sure you’re prepared to go to court. Beforehand stay away form any kind of activity that might result in more troubles or further complicates your current case. Be honest with your lawyer and trust that he?ll devise a great strategy to help you.

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