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Charity Angel Life After Divorce Coach, Introduction

It’s not really a question, is it? Do people get happier after a divorce? How about for those who get remarried? Can we be happier after a divorce if we’re remarried? Or are there circumstances where you can’t be happier after a divorce? Why do people ask these kinds of divorce mediation questions? Because some people enjoy being married more than others, says life coach Charity Angel in the related video. Some people like to be on their own. Some people like spending money. Some people like not to share things with their spouse. All relationships are vulnerable. Some people are not as successful as others with relationships. Some people feel that they are not being treated well enough by their spouse. Some people are not happy at all. As for happier after a divorce: maybe, maybe not. Some people claim to have been happier after a divorce. They believe that their happiness since then was mainly the result of their individual pursuits. They believe that they have never felt quite as happy. Other people, who are remarried, get happier after divorce. They are less introverted and are much happier. Other people, who do not remarry after divorce, and who still feel that there are things that make them unhappy, nonetheless seem happier than before. Some people experience detachment after divorce. They experience emotional detachment. They don’t experience an emotional bond with their former spouse anymore. They feel as though they can do without him or her completely. Many feel that they are not happy after divorce. On the other hand, others claim to have been happier after a divorce. Maybe, maybe not. The true answer has something to do with how happily people are living their lives and whatever their good or bad situation.

There are a number of reasons for divorce. Sometimes it’s just the pressure of life, a physical injury (yourself or someone else’s), money issues, or parenting miscommunication issues (kids getting sick, unexpressed disagreement), unresolved issues that were created over the years, and a lack of shared responsibility in the decision making (this is what “irreconcilable differences” is all about). Divorce is often a horrible time, just for the logical explanation: the people have always been separate, there was no shared decision making, things just got out of hand, and it was “it.” Divorce is not the answer to all your problems, however! It’s much easier to forgive other people for things they did not do to you than to forgive them for things they did to you. Kids need to be protected from their parents’ problems and aren’t good at pretending they aren’t there, so divorce doesn’t have to be easier to get through or easier to get through. Sometimes divorces can be a wonderful thing, when a couple finds their way back to each other, and maybe even being better as a couple. Divorce isn’t always bad and it shouldn’t be for everyone, but you need to look at the situations that led to the divorce and try to become happier and more in sync.

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