Choosing a Commercial Lawyer 6 Questions to Ask

Commercial business law

Many new businesses don’t ever even think about adding a commercial lawyer to their team until the need arises and they need one. Lawyers are just as important as an accountant for your business or firm. The assistance that a professional attorney provides for every aspect of your business is vital, therefore you should choose a commercial attorney carefully. Follow these recommendations below when choosing the right attorney for your company.

Teaching Skills

One main aspect of a commercial lawyer should be educating you and your staff on the various forms of business law and commercial law. There are many legal aspects pertaining to your business. They should be able to effectively educate you and staff about certain laws, what they say and how they could affect your business. A business lawyer should offer a way to communicate new laws or changes in laws that directly affect your business.


Don’t be afraid to as your potential business attorney about their experience. Especially as if they are experienced handling business aspects. Ask for other businesses that they have worked with so that you can contact them and get information. Ask your potential commercial lawyer to share certain experiences they have gained over the years, problems they have encountered and even how they handled those problems.

Areas They Cover

When speaking with a potential commercial lawyer ask what areas of your business
they cover. You want to find one person who can handle most aspects of the job, including workers comp, sexual harassment claims and FMLA, which gives employees the right to unpaid leave for up to 12 weeks every year for family reasons. Workers’ comp is required for all businesses in 74% of states, and 85% of all claims involve employees slipping on slick floors. Workers comp is vital for your business. More than 7,000 sexual harassment charges were received by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in 2012. Your company needs an experienced commercial lawyer to handle all of these aspects.

Other industrial Clients

Making sure your potential commercial lawyer is well versed in your industry is important when it comes to handling all of the necessary legal matters. If they are not, they should be fully prepared to learn everything there is to learn about your industry. While you want a lawyer who can handle all aspects of your company, pay special attention to attorneys who deal with competitors. There is a certain attorney client privilege which prohibits information from being shared, but that does not necessarily remain the case at all times. If you don’t want to risk information being shared with competitors, choose an attorney with experience in your industry but without competitive clients.


How convenient is it for you to get a hold of your potential lawyer? If there is an office, is it located nearby and easily accessible? If there is a phone number, will calls be answered or returned in a timely manner? Is the website user friendly, and can you communicate through there? Are emails answered in a timely manner? Business owners hope to never have an immediate need for an attorney, but in the event that the need arises, you have to ensure that the attorney can be reached in a hurry.


This may sound weird, but talk with your potential commercial lawyer and make sure that you get a good feeling for them. Always follow your gut. If you and them can talk and discuss issues, then they would make a great addition to your team. However, if they do most of the talking, cut you off and do not listen to your recommendations, then this may not be the team player your business needs.

With the vast amount of legal matters involved in a business, a commercial lawyer is a must. Diligently research and interview attorneys until you find one your comfortable with. A little time spent can make all the difference later down the line.

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