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Workers compensation lawyers

Many people are afraid to report being hurt at work or getting sick due to working, as they’re afraid the company they work for won’t compensate them for their time off. Paid sick leave or compensation programs legally have to exist, but many individuals fear that their work will find some loophole and not follow through. If these employees don’t receive their pay, many of them can’t afford to take time off, as their family relies on their paycheck. If you get hurt at work and your boss refuses to give you the benefits you’re entitled to and/or retaliates against you for making such a claim, or if your injury is bad enough to keep you from going back to work, you may want to hire a workers compensation lawyer.
What Is Worker’s Compensation?
In 2011, it was reported that the laws for state and federal workers’ compensation gave coverage to a little over 125 million employees. Workers’ compensation means that if you’re hurt at work, your employer pays 100% of medical costs and cash benefits for time you didn’t work after a three to seven day waiting period. Your own wages and/or salaries contribute 70% of the compensation cost, while the benefits you receive compose the other 30%.
What Do Workers Comp Lawyers Do?
Workers compensations lawyers will represent you if you bring a suit against your employer or company for failing to fulfill the workers compensation system. They can help guide you through the often confusing process and forms, in addition to keeping you attentive to deadlines. They’ll also make sure you present the correct medical forms that can show the severity of your injuries or existing condition to increase your case in court. They also can assess how much your case is worth and gauge what settlement offers are good or bad. Many comp lawyers will offer a free consultation to hear your case as well.
When To Hire A Workman’s Comp Lawyer
Like mentioned before, if you’re severely hurt and can’t return to your previous job, or if your boss refuses to give you your worker’s compensation or retaliates if you file a claim, you should hire a worker compensation lawyer. Additionally, if you think your offer wasn’t good enough (and have evidence that it isn’t) or if you are already getting Social Security disability benefits, you may want to talk to a lawyer, to make sure you’re getting everything you’re entitled to.
How Much Do Workers Compensation Lawyers Cost?
The good news is that your lawyer gets paid out of your settlement cost–about 15-25% of the cost. So if you settle for $50,000, the most you might pay is $12,500–but out of the money you receive from the settlement . If you don’t win your case, you don’t have to pay your lawyer, although there may be smaller fees involved like filing fees or the cost of copying documents.
All in all, hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer may turn out to be in your best interest, especially if you’re confused about the process. A lawyer can help you keep everything straight, give you advice, and take care of filing forms, managing deadlines and helping you win your case.

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