Disability Attorneys can Facilitate an SSI Claim

If you are considering applying for a new social security disability claim, you might wonder, “Do I need an attorney for social security disability?” You need one if you’re looking to boost the chances of your claim being approved. Disability attorneys offer social security disability legal help and are specialists who know how to present a case in a manner that makes it more likely to be approved. They assist their clients from the initial application to the hearing.

Top social security disability lawyers also use social security disability software to manage, track, and collect your data, which aids case presentation on your behalf. With the help of a disability lawyer, you can also avoid having your application dismissed for incomplete information or missing requirements. Insurance companies tend to target this aspect to avoid paying compensation, so it’s a smart choice to vet your application with the help of a disability attorney.

Social security disability attorneys also help their clients obtain relevant medical evidence that helps to prove their work limitations. If your social security disability application has previously been denied, disability attorneys can help you file an appeal so your application is reconsidered. Getting a social security disability attorney is advisable since insurance companies usually have a team comprising attorneys, medical personnel, and insurance agents that help them pick applications apart.

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Becoming disabled isn?t something people plan for, but it?s a sobering fact of life. In 2014 alone almost five and a half million people files for Social Security benefits; indeed just over one in four of today?s 20 year-olds will be disabled before they reach the age of 67.

It?s not just adults, either: 28,000 infants are born each year with a birth injury. That?s right; 2,333 every month, 538 per week, 76 every day, and three for each hour of the day. Birth injuries are lower in Blacks and Hispanics in comparison to Asian-Pacific Islanders and Whites, and birth injuries happen 33 percent more often in rural areas than in urban areas. Many of these infants will require extra medical care, and may never be able to hold long term employment.

Whether you?re an adult with a disabling injury or the parent of a disabled child, you may very well be entitled to disability income. The SSI payment system has been in place since 1974, and is designed to provide assistance to those unable to work due to injury or disability. While the program is designed for individuals to apply with no or minimal assistance, there may be benefits of contacting disability attorneys before beginning the process:

Between 2001 and 2010 nearly 53 percent of all SSI applications were denied; 65 percent during the initial filing. Having a social security disability lawyer at the onset would ensure the application was filed properly and without errors.

An additional eight or nine percent of disability applicants file a reconsideration appeal and are awarded benefits at that time.

Of those still facing denial, the next step is a “request for hearing before an administrative law judge.” Once reaching this stage, around 65 percent of the remaining claims are awarded. Obviously, having a disability lawyer on your side will do much to facilitate the process.

Many disabled people put off filing for disability because they think their health will improve enough for them to return to the workforce. Often by the time they realize this won?t happen they are deeply in debt due to the lethal combination of raising medical bills and loss of income.

Often, those facing disability also face depression or other mental illness because of their primary illness. For example, according to WebMD, 40 to 60 percent of those who suffer from a heart attack will also experience depression. Because depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses can cause lethargy and inability to act, they may be unable to begin the SSI process in a timely manner.

Because a disability lawyer knows the ins and outs of the system they can often ensure the application and appeal process takes the least amount of time, taking the pressure off the disabled person. Disability attorneys are well educated in the ins and outs of the Social Security disability system and will take the pressure off the client.

Because disability starts to accrue from the first day the application is filed, it is vital that a disabled person begin the process as soon as their primary care physician determines they will not be able to return to work. According to the Social Security Administration a typical disability application takes between three to five months for completion, so it makes sense that even if you do the initial filing on your own you should contact a legal representative if your first application is denied. After all, disability attorneys make their living by helping others with their disability claims.

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