Divorce How An Attorney Can Make It Easier On You

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Deciding to divorce isn’t easy for anyone. In fact, many people would say that the decision to divorce was one of the most difficult ones of their lives. For others, it was all too simple — because a marriage had clearly run its course, or perhaps for another, more urgent reason. Really, nobody should feel as if they have to justify their reasons for divorcing. If it’s the right choice for you, it’s the right choice for you. And in this day and age, it’s a very common choice, with about two-thirds of people filing for divorce being women. The fact is that all too often, these people still feel a stigma — like they shouldn’t talk about their divorces, as if they’re dark secrets that nobody should talk about. Divorces are not deep, dark secrets. You should be allowed to talk about them as little or as much as you want. With that being said, the lack of common knowledge about divorces means that many people who need to get a divorce don’t know where to start. This means that they can be taken advantage of, losing money or even the rights to their children. They can also fall prey to less than reputable lawyers, resulting in divorce attorney fees that are unfair. A good attorney isn’t just doing their job; they’re helping people. Let’s look into some of the less-discussed facts surrounding divorce, and how you can make yours as smooth as possible.

Divorce: Who’s Getting Divorced, And Why?

There are many legal questions about divorce that can and should be addressed. Nonetheless, divorce isn’t just about legalities — for many people, it’s a deeply personal life experience. Many feel alone while they’re divorcing; but this is not the case at all. According to research, dancers and choreographers have the highest rate of divorce, at 43.04%. Bartenders follow at second, with a divorce rate of 38.4%. Third place is taken by massage therapists, at 38.2%. Much of the reasoning behind divorce is uncertain, but some leaps in logic can be made. Marriages in which the wife is two years older than the husband or more are 53% more likely to break up than marriages in which the husband is three years older than the wife or more. Issues that can lead to divorce include things like the decision of whether or not to have children, finances, and much more. Other factors that can contribute to divorce include how much time spouses spend apart, whether due to work or other factors. Some divorces happen due to domestic violence. And in that case, there are many factors to consider, including the abused party’s safety.

From Divorce Attorney Fees To Breaking Prenups: The Difficult Issues

Some divorces are easy; some are not. Very few are cheap. Divorce attorney fees can turn simple divorces into nasty ones. However, affordable divorce lawyers do exist, and for that matter some firms are willing to waive fees in special circumstances. Often, when divorce involves domestic violence, divorce attorney fees can be paid through financial aid, and some attorneys work at lower rates in such situations. There are other problems to consider — specific problems. Say, for example, you and your spouse entered a prenuptial agreement prior to marriage, but that same agreement now seems unfair or compromised. Breaking a prenuptial agreement can be tricky business, but it’s not unprecedented. For that matter, a prenuptial agreement lawyer can help you with the ins and outs of it. Other issues you’ll need an attorney on hand for include custody. Custody of children is a particularly difficult problem for couples to face; a lawyer can help you come to a conclusion best not only for you, but for your children.

Nothing is going to make divorce easy. But it doesn’t have to be as difficult as some people think. A lawyer provides not only legal support, but personal support. That’s what you’ll need during a divorce.

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