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Dog Bites, Medical Malpractice And Car Crashes What To Do When You’re The Victim Of Personal Injury

Personal injury comes in many different forms.

One individual’s personal injury case may involve a car crash caused by drunk driving. Another person’s personal injury case could involve medical malpractice when being treated for a dog bite. Yet others may not even be sure whether or not they qualify for a personal injury case. If you’ve found yourself in this precarious position and are in desperate need of advice, keep reading. An accident law firm is the first place you should visit to get started on your journey to a legal conclusion, but the best journey is one done with a little knowledge.

The list below will explore the most common reasons people seek out personal injury assistance in the United States.

Slips And Falls

Even if this doesn’t apply to you personally, you’re likely familiar with the consequences of a slip and fall. From working in a hazardous environment to living in a poorly constructed home, a single slip can have devastating consequences. Today falls are the number one cause of traumatic brain injury and can be grounds for a personal injury case if liability is involved. This can include a poor workplace environment, a lack of oversight on a railing or neglect on behalf of cleaning staff. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (or CPSC) found floors and flooring materials directly contributing to more than two million slip and fall injuries per year.

Dog Bites

When you’re bitten by a dog, the first thing likely going through your head is getting medical treatment as soon as possible. This is due to dog bites running the risk of being infected and exposing you to any number of diseases. Your second course of action, however, should be visiting an accident law firm. The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention found nearly four and a half million dog bites occur in the United States each year. An accident law firm can provide you with an injury attorney to provide assistance and potentially medical assistance.

Car Crashes

The field of car crash injury is, unfortunately, a large one. Back in 2015 over 5,000 pedestrians were killed and nearly 70,000 were injured in traffic crashes around the country. That same year saw over 1,000 bicyclists dying and another 465,000 bicycle-related injuries. Overall, auto and motorcycle accidents account for over 35% of new spinal cord injuries seen in doctor’s offices. If you suspect drunk driving, distracted driving or road rage to be involved in your crash, a car accident lawyer will assist you with crafting a personal injury settlement.

Medical Malpractice

One of the more insidious forms of personal injury is that of medical malpractice. When a form of medication or treatment therapy you expected to help you ends up hurting you, it’s easy to feel completely at a loss. The Journal Of The American Medical Association (or JAMA) reported over 225,000 people die every year from medical malpractice alone. The U.S. Department Of Justice also determined medical malpractice to be among the top three most common sources of personal injury. If you were prescribed the wrong medication or sustained an injury during treatment, there’s help available.

Visiting An Accident Law Firm

The goal when visiting an accident law firm is to achieve a resolution. This is a lot more difficult when you attempt to navigate the murky waters of the legal system on your own, particularly if you’ve been fortunate enough to never need the aid of a personal injury attorney. Personal injury attorneys represent you in court, provide you legal advice and help you with the steps necessary to eventually reach a conclusion, which can include a personal injury compensation if your case is approved.

Whether you’re recovering from a car crash or suspect you were the victim of medical malpractice, an accident law firm is just a phonecall away.

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