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Personal injury litigation is among the most common types of cases to go to trial. Depending on scope of the personal injury — whether more than one or two people were affected — it can even turn into complex civil litigation, especially if class actions are taken. If you think you’ve been harmed by something that another party is legally responsibly, you should seek action. Unfortunately, for minorities, this can be a difficult road. One in three African Americans report having undergone discrimination in the last year — in many cases, minorities feel as if they won’t get proper representation in court. However, it’s important for you to get the justice you deserve.
What Kinds of Personal Injury Cases Are There?
At least in the United States, the number one kind of personal injury case is currently a motor vehicle accident. Cars, trucks, and motorcycles all fall into this category. Although up to 95% of personal injury cases get settled before a trial even starts using alternative dispute resolution or arbitration service, plenty of these cases actually do make it to court.
Any kind of assault (whether from a person or an animal owned by another person) is classified under personal injury cases. In many cases, an assault will also land the perpetrator criminal charges, in addition to having to settle restitution.
In some cases, if parties can prove it, chemical emissions or pollutions can be used as personal injury suits if enough people have been affected and it’s shown that the corporation knew about the dangers and were purposefully sweeping it under the rug. Indeed, almost 5,000 lives could be saved annually and the number of respiratory and heart diseases could be greatly reduced if toxic air pollution was cut down in industrial plants. Even more concerning, over 40% of Americans expressed concern about indoor and outdoor air quality, methane and carbon emissions, and other chemical issues that are affecting their environment on a daily basis.
When Would I Enter Into Complex Civil Litigation?
If you’re wondering what complex civil litigation even is in the first place, let’s answer that question first. It’s cases involving one of a few things — either multiple claims are being made, more than party is seeking litigation, unusual legal issues or solutions, and a significant amount of money is being involved.
You might partake in this type of litigation if you and multiple other people have been wronged in a similar way or if your case is groundbreaking in its claim or decision. These can be a rarer form of litigation and your lawyer is always the best person to turn to if you’re unsure how to proceed. There are also lawyers who specialize in this type of litigation, so if you know ahead of time that your case might wind up in this category, you should seek out such a specialized lawyer in advance.
You should never feel afraid to seek justice if you think you’ve been wronged. Even if you don’t have the money to pay for a lawyer, there are funds and ways to get financial help if your case is solid enough.

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