Find the Best Personal Injury Lawyer to Protect Your Settlement

updated 10/24/2022

When you have had an accident and become injured, you may wonder who is responsible for personal injury. In many cases, it can be hard to tell just who is behind the set of circumstances that led to the accident. A good personal injury lawyer will be able to unravel the situation and tell you who is responsible for it. Then, a case can be brought against that party to seek a settlement for the accident.

A personal injury attorney knows a lot about personal injury law and what it takes to bring a good case to court. They are also skilled at working on settlements made out of court. You may want to bring a personal injury claim to court, but it can be far faster and easier to get that settlement out of court. When you have a personal injury lawyer who is highly experienced, they can work on this solution for you.

Personal injury attorneys in your area are also familiar with the average amounts that people are getting for these suits, and they can ask for a reasonable amount. Asking for far too much may not go well for the case. Read the attorney’s website to make sure they are experienced.

Questions to ask a divorce attorney

Are you considering a divorce? Have you filed the papers? What about your spouse? Are they the one who instigated the divorce? Even if you’re currently in the middle of divorce proceedings, you’re going to have questions to ask a divorce attorney.

Furthermore, if you’ve filed personal injury claims, are awaiting your personal injury settlements, or have recently been awarded a settlement, then you’re going to have questions to ask a personal injury lawyer as well. When you find the best personal injury lawyer, they can assist you with protecting your settlement in the event that you get divorced.

United States Marriage and Divorce Statistics

In addition to any legal questions about divorce you may have, you may also be curious about marriage and divorce statistics. In the United States, for example, given every 1,000 people, there are approximately 6.8 marriages. First marriages that end in divorce, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, last about eight years. For every 1,000 people, there are 3.6 divorces; two-thirds of which are initiated by women.

Age Difference and Divorce

It has also been found that age is a factor in whether or not a couple becomes divorced. When the woman is two years or more older, there is a 53% chance that divorce is possible. This exceeds the number of divorces where the man is older or younger. More specifically, when the man is three or more years older, or one year younger, the marriage is less likely to end in divorce.

Divorce Rates and Occupations

The occupation of either–or both–spouses can also have an adverse effect on a marriage. A recent study showed there are certain occupations with a higher incidence of divorce.

Remarriage After Divorce

While women seem to take slightly less time to remarry after divorce, men aren’t that far behind. Women take an average of 3.1 years and men, an average of 3.3 years, to remarry.

Negative Outcomes Following Divorce

It appears that some researchers have concluded men tend to experience divorce more acutely than women. These findings indicate that men are eight-times more likely to commit suicide following a divorce. Furthermore, they have double the chance of becoming depressed and having a heart attack.

Whether you are a man or a woman wanting to protect your personal injury settlements during or after a divorce, it is imperative that you find the best personal injury lawyer to provide counsel during this process.

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