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Five Critical Factors That Will Make or Break Your DUII Case

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Have you found yourself on the receiving end of DUII charges? Sometimes, good people who just underestimated their drinking limit find the need for DUII attorneys. If this is you, having the right DUII defense lawyer is essential for getting through it with as little damage as possible. Check out our list of tips for finding the right DUII law firm for the job, below:

  1. Stay local.

    You could have a lawyer who knows literally everything there is to know about law, but if they don’t know the court system that you are in, you’ll still be at a disadvantage. Working with a lawyer who not only knows DUII law, but also knows your area will likely give you the best changes for success.

    For example, if you are looking for Oregon City lawyers, trying Googling “Oregon City lawyers” or searching on a local forum for Oregon City lawyers, such as Reddit. By specifically looking for Oregon City lawyers, you’re attorney will be familiar with the judges, prosecutors, and other professionals handling your case, and will be best prepared to navigate the situation in a way that benefits you the most.

  2. Look for experience.

    Many good DUII strategies only come through years and years of experience. There is a lot that a DUII attorney learns in school, but most of what makes an attorney good at thinking on their feet and getting their clients the best possible outcome is acquired through practicing law for years and years.

    While looking for a good DUII attorney to represent you, make sure you look into how long they’ve been practicing law, and then how long they’ve specifically worked in the exact branch of law that your case applies. The DUII legal process is complicated. If your lawyer has worked in probate for twenty decades and DUII for twenty minutes, they have little to contribute to your situation.
  3. Look for referrals. They say the best form of advertisement is word of mouth, and this couldn’t be more true when you are looking for a good DUII lawyer. The expensive firms might be able to afford shiny billboards, but it’s not really an indication of how they’ll do defending your DUII. On the other hand, if you collect references from other clients the lawyer has worked with who are satisfied with the outcome of their case, it’s a good indicator of how they’ll do fighting on your behalf.

    You can start by asking for referrals from the attorney themselves. This is a good place to make connections with other people who have been in your position. If you want to make sure you aren’t just given biased references, check out their reputation with client reviews online.

  4. Check with the bar association. Before going with a lawyer, check and make sure the bar association hasn’t had a reason to discipline the lawyer. If they have been investigated and disciplined, you may not want to trust them with your case. The outcome of your case has a significant impact on your future and well-being. You do not want your fighting chance to be in the hands of an attorney who is disreputable.
  5. Consider the attorney’s fees. Let’s start off by saying that the final bill should not be a reason to skimp on your attorney. If the outcome of your case goes poorly, it could cost you a lot more than an expensive attorney. In some cases, it could jeopardize your job and career, a price you’ll pay for years to come. However, in a practical sense, you have to be able to afford the attorney’s fee. If the fine you’re looking at is not as expensive as the cost for the attorney, it might time to look for another DUII attorney.

    If you are tight on cash, look for an attorney who will work with you on a payment plan. You should never go without a DUII defense attorney when you need one just because it costs too much.

If you’ve been charged with a DUII, you need to have the best attorney possible to fight on your behalf. Following these tips will help you do that.

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