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Litigation in the United States and You — How Much Americans Are Paying to Get Their Cases Heard

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Land use and zoning issues are not typically well understood by members of the general public, even though they have quite the effect on how we manage our properties. In effect, land use and zoning laws are in place to regulate the sale or purchase of land, as well as any modifications or maintenance a homeowner might want to have done on that land. It’s easy to mess it up — often times these situations are very complex, invoke older laws which are difficult to interpret situationally, and are best left to a real estate attorney to sort through than trying to figure things out on your own.

Usually, one only thinks of calling a local attorney when hurt or owed financial compensation of some sort. However, a lot of benefits stand to be gained through working with a lawyer who is skilled in other fields, like land zoning. While some might typically try to wade through the difficult waters of zoning issues and law themselves, they would be hard pressed to make an easier job of it for themselves having not contacted an attorney first.

The yearly cost of civil lawsuits in the United States is estimated to be at around $233 billion. Clearly, the litigation market is very robust and healthy. On average, punitive damages lawsuits award about $50,000. The amount of money at stake is enough to warrant you being proactive and not trying to handle any litigation on your own. Each citizen in the United States is estimated to pay about $800 annually towards civil suits. How you handle your litigation could thus affect us all.

To recap, injury lawyers aren’t the only ones out there. There are hundreds of different types of litigation, so it stands to reason that there are about as many types of attorneys out there performing the heavy work. Reach out to one today if you think you or a loved one or someone you know could use their services sooner rather than later.

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