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Mediation For Your Divorce, Is It The Right Choice For You?

Divorce. The seven letter word that no one wants to have to experience or go through. However, we are in a time where divorce is a common thing for many individuals who once found themselves in love. Divorce is a messy and complicated process that not only can interfere and make your emotions difficult to handle but can also cost more than one would ever expect. Most divorces range between $15,000 and $42,500 dollars. If you are divorcing your significant other and you both have a fairly easy time finding common ground perhaps it is time to ask yourself, should you mediate your divorce instead of involving a plethora of lawyers?

Divorce mediation is a hard concept for many to navigate though, however for some couples it is the best alternative to finding a resolution for both parties involved. Here are just a couple of the reasons that mediation might be the way you should choose to dissolve your marriage.

What Is Mediation?

Mediating a divorce means that you and your one partner can calmly and rationally decide your goods without the stress of needing someone to do it for you. Should you mediate your divorce you and your partner can sit down and both calmly and rationally decide the outcome such as custody of your children and what goods belong to whom. There is no need for a litigation to decide any of these sensitive matters for you. Instead you and your partner can calmly and rationally divide your goods without the stress and hassle of another court appointed party helping out.

What Are The Benefits Of Mediation

A couple of the benefits of mediation is the fact that you don’t have to pay a divorce lawyer for their time. Where a divorce can be an expensive thing to go through on its own, adding in a divorce lawyer can drive up the cost due to the fact that you’re paying someone else to go through your things and appoint what belongs to whom. Instead of adding to your already staggering bills with paying someone to take your case, mediation is a cheaper alternative.

It doesn’t need to turn into a vicious contest for who gets what. Should you mediate your divorce instead of hiring a legal team, it in many cases means that you and your once partner can carefully and rationally discuss things without it turning into a fight and disrupting any progress that may have been made before. If you find yourself able to sit down and communicate than mediation may be the better option for both parties separating.

Mediation Could Be A Quicker Option

Instead of the long drawn out process that is a court hearing and everything else with a divorce, meetings with lawyers to discuss outcomes such as child support and other divisions that come with your divorce, mediation could give both parties the chance to get their matters in order without all of the extra meetings that could be brought about by a lawyer. Reduce those difficult meetings and make things easier for both parties with mediation instead of litigation for your divorce.

While reports show that marriages have only a 50% chance of lasting, if you are one of those couples who didn’t make it and are entering the divorce process see if you should mediate your divorce and make the proceedings easier on everyone involved. This may seem like a difficult process to find your way through, however if you and your partner can find a common ground with mediation you could potentially make the whole divorce process easier on all parties involved.

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