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Police Car Video Cameras and Body Cams Can Help Reduce Violence

Police car camera system

In today’s society, there are plenty of reasons that citizens might feel the need for quality protection in their day to day lives. There is a lot of good in the world, but unfortunately, sometimes the bad can seem quite a bit louder and more prevalent. It was for this reason, among others, that police forces were first formed.

A group of individuals trained and equipped to handle the situations that most people want to avoid, police officers are sworn to protect and serve the people of their communities. Sometimes, however, especially these days, people need a bit more to go on than the reputation or expectations made of a police officer to believe that citizens are indeed being protected.

Raising the bar for law enforcement

Many people remember a time during which police officers were revered and respected. However in the recent years, there has been a shift in perception for many when it comes to how police officers are regarded. This has had a lot to do with the rise of social media, photo and video sharing, and the advancement of technology and communication. With these factors, people have been able to bring to the attention of others some of the unfortunate events that have occurred involving police officers. Whether or not this has skewed the public’s perception into an overly negative one or has brought long overdue attention to rampant misuse of power by the police officers is up to every individual to ponder and decide.

What can be agreed on is that the use of police car video cameras and body cams can help to keep everyone accountable. Whether in the form of dash cams in police vehicles or the cameras that have become a part of an officer’s uniform, video evidence is very powerful, and can compel those involved to act appropriately, sometimes discouraging altercations or offenses. Police car video cameras can prove to be very useful in traffic stops or calls that have them interacting with civilians outside near the vehicles.

Police body camera benefits for law enforcement and civilians

Police car video cameras have been pretty standard in many law enforcement vehicles for some time now, but it has been a bit more recent that there has been a push for more body cameras to be put into use. While the dash cams are certainly helpful, having police officers wearing cameras on their persons can capture much more of their daily interactions. One research survey showed that about half of officers confirmed that the use of body cameras would make individuals on the job act in an appropriate manner, and over half of police department administrators agreed that the body cams would also encourage more cooperation from the public.

People generally know right from wrong, but there is definitely something about being held accountable and knowing that your actions can be proven and held against you that straightens people out, no matter what side of the law they are on. There are criminals, of course. And there are police officers who have less than honorable intentions when they put on their badges. Putting more cameras into the situations where these people are involved can help to reduce some of the negative encounters and outcomes. In fact, one evaluation of the use of body cams in California showed that there was an astonishing 60% decline in the amount of force that was used by law enforcement officials.

Keeping the public safe should be the primary function of police departments. Civilians in general should learn to coexist and properly function within society without the use of criminal behavior. Body and police car video cameras can help us take the proper steps in the right direction.

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