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Sweden’s Track Record in Gender Equality Has a Dark Shadow

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We?ve been hearing a lot about Sweden in the news recently. It?s widely regarded as a safe haven of equality, constantly ranking among the top country in the world for gender equality thanks to things like its generous paternity leave, and a large number of women in high up positions in businesses and government. One thing you?re not used to hearing about, however, is likely Sweden?s rates of domestic violence — they have one of the highest rates in all of Europe.

Sweden’s Domestic Violence Rates Against Women are Astronomically High

Just how bad is Sweden?s domestic violence problem? It?s bad enough that some might even call it a crisis. A full 50% of Swedish women will experience sexual, psychological, or physical abuse by men sometime during their lives (in the U.S., this number is also high, but lower at 25% of all women). An incredible 29,000 cases of violence against women were reported to the police in 2013 — and this is a country with a population just a little larger than New York City.

It?s unclear to those investigating the issue why the rates are so incredibly high — it could be that women there are more likely to report crimes against them, or it could be that the transition to gender equality has been so swift as to be subconsciously unsettling.

Family Law Legal Advice: Stay Safe

One thing remains clear in any abuse case: victims need to keep themselves safe, and get themselves out of the abusive situation once it becomes possible. Many victims are married to their abusers, and in these cases, it?s not so easy as just leaving — children and assets are often involved (and, indeed, often used by abusers as leveraging agents to prevent their victims from leaving).

Visiting family law attorneys is a must for someone interested in moving forward in the divorce process. A family law firm can instill victims with the confidence and support they need to move forward. Whenever possible, family law legal advice will include documenting abuse whenever possible. This gives family law lawyers more grounds to demand full custody of children, etc. when necessary.

This year, 4.8 million American women will experience domestic abuse. Women in any country need to do what they can to get themselves to a safe place, and a new life.

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