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The Basics of Legal Mediation

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Mediation can be an important part of the law. A mediation attorney may handle a divorce, business negotiations, employer-employee contract negotiations, or just two individuals who have a dispute. This video explains the basics of mediation so you can understand what it can do for you.

It’s better to resolve disputes on your own than bring them to a jury or judge. You need both parties to agree on mediation, but it provides a much less expensive, stressful, and potentially harmful ordeal. If either party is not interested in maintaining the relationship, then mediation will not be the best idea.

The parties involved in a mediation (there can be more than two) will choose an independent mediator. The parties will meet at a specified location and the mediator will have an agreement in advance on fees and confidentiality. The confidentiality agreement only stays in place if the participants of the agreement uphold their ends of the bargain.

The mediator will stress the importance of coming to a good resolution, which is usually one where none of the parties are 100% happy. For more information on mediation and their role in the court system, check out the video above.

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