The Truth About Filing for Divorce

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Everyone knows the divorce rate in the United States is among the highest in the world, but few people realize that the divorce in the U.S. has been decreasing over the past 35 years or so. Still, with 46% of first marriages ending in divorce, the United States divorce rate is still the third highest in the world.

According to a recent study by a credible, but unnamed source, Americans file for divorce at the rate of four every minute! That amounts to 5,760 divorce filings every day, and 2,102,400 divorces each year! Thus, it appears that there is still plenty of business for American divorce attorneys. Now, who said that accident attorneys had the most lucrative jobs?

While the circumstances surrounding every divorce are always different, the divorce process can be highly complex, and always requires considerable divorce paperwork. This is particularly true when filing for divorce leads to issues regarding divorce settlement agreements, divorce property settlements, and child custody. In fact, of all of the difficult emotions brought about by divorce, it is always worse when dependent children are involved. After all, when parents of young children decide to divorce, the impact of the divorce can be even harder on the children.

That being said, it is always important to hire the most experienced divorce lawyers possible. And when children are involved, enlisting the services of a top family lawyer who possesses considerable experience handling child custody cases.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding a divorce, it is important that each party to the divorce hire an attorney who can inform them of their divorce rights. This is because a divorce impact more people than most other types of court cases. After all, unlike an accident attorney, there is a lot more than money at stake, but the possible future of a child.

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