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Three Reasons You May Need to Work with an Intellectual Property Rights Lawyer

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Whether you’ve created something for the first time or you have an established brand, it’s crucial to protect your intellectual property. Intellectual property is any kind of written or created work, including everything from designs and logos to novels and machines.

In order to make sure that your creations aren’t stolen or licensed without your consent, it’s necessary to work with an intellectual property attorney. This step ensures that you are compensated fairly from others and that you remain in control of your intellectual property. If you’re not sure whether or not you need to speak with a lawyer, here are three times when this service may be beneficial to you.

    1. If you have recently created or modified your own work: There are several different types of intellectual property in the U.S., including patents, trademarks, and copyrights, which are among the most common. An intellectual property rights lawyer can review your invention or creation to figure out which type of intellectual property protection it would require, and he or she can also let you know about how to protect and maintain your intellectual property rights.

    2. If someone else wants to license your work: In the event that someone wants to market your product, use a portion of it in another work, or otherwise use an invention of yours in some capacity, you will need to go through the process of reviewing an intellectual property license agreement. For example, in the instance that a company wants to use your idea for a product, they would need to fill out a patent licensing agreement with you. In a case like this, a patent licensing agreement would stipulate how your work would be used, how long it would be licensed for, and how you would be compensated. If you already have a patent licensing agreement in progress, it’s typically best to have an attorney review it for you, especially one who is familiar with the different types of patents and the sort of work that you do.

    3. If you suspect an infringement has occurred: It’s an unfortunate fact that intellectual property infringement is on the rise. The internet makes it easy for innovators to share their work and sell their products, but it also makes it easier for thieves to find works or ideas to steal. In fact, roughly one-quarter of internet traffic is estimated to be used for consuming infringed works. In addition to theft on the internet, insider IP theft also occurs frequently, with former business partners and employees accounting for almost 40% of all IP theft. Protecting your intellectual property means protecting your livelihood, so be sure to meet with a lawyer as soon as possible if this incident has occurred.

Have more questions about intellectual property law and licensing? Be sure to speak with an attorney about any concerns you have. You can also leave a comment below with general inquiries. Read more articles like this.

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