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Tips for Handling Drug Cases

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A criminal attorney deals with multiple cases, including felony drug cases. This video explains how a drug lawyer can fight felony drug charges and what factors come into play.

The first thing to consider is weight. The weight of the drugs found categorizes the case as either a felony or a lesser infraction. Drug lawyers may ask for the drugs to be weighed again in order to make sure the initial readings were accurate.

Some drug cases can deal with an extremely small amount of drugs, like one Xanax bar, for instance. The criminal attorney will work to figure out whether you had any knowledge of possessing the drug. Knowledge and intent matter in these cases, and a drug lawyer can help explain your side of the case.

Drug lawyers will also make sure a client is not being overcharged. The difference between distribution charges and possession charges is enormous, with distribution being a felony but possession is a misdemeanor. A criminal attorney can make sure their client isn’t being wrongfully charged.

Attorneys will also look at the basis for confrontation and searching. The lawyers will look to challenge these initial steps because if they are conducted without reason, then everything else will be thrown out. For more information, click the link to the video above.

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