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Unprofessional Roofers Break Invaluable Vase

Picking the right roofer nowadays is very important. Sometimes it is hard to imagine the mistakes that untrustworthy roofers make. They may use cheaper materials than you payed for, ignore your timeframe, or not finish the project at all.

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There have even been stories of roofers accidently replacing the roof of the wrong house entirely. That comes with a whole number of legal ramifications. However, that doesn’t take the cake for the worst behavior.

One roofing company was working on a roof like normal. However, they were carelessly throwing extra debris off the roof. One stray piece of debris hit an outdoor vase and broke it to pieces. This wasn’t any ordinary vase. It was a priceless family artifact from Italy. As you can imagine, the roofers were in a panic. Rather than attempt to fix the problem, they first attempted to hide the pieces of the broken vase. This was a terrible mistake as the homeowners eventually found out. The roofers offered money in exchange for the broken vase. However, no amount of money could pay for something so invaluable. It is hard to say how much the roofers would have to pay for this lack of care. Regardless, it would likely be a lot.


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