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What to Know About Hiring an SSDI Lawyer

When you have a social security disability insurance claim, you can be in pretty serious need of an attorney. When we discuss whether to use an SSDI attorney, there are several issues to consider.

It is always helpful to discuss your case with an attorney, no matter what happens after that. SSDI attorneys can help with a free consultation that will start with determining whether your SSDI case needs an attorney in the first place. For a clear-cut case, there may be no need: If the disability is documented already and the need is sound, you may not need to have an attorney to get your case through the system.

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But in the cases where an underappreciated disability, like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or one that has recently become a problem, is applied for, there may be the need for active representation for the appellant to get their claim approved. The SSDI process can be confusing to non-specialists and appellants alike, and the simple truth is that to many, an SSDI lawyer is indeed a necessary ally to the process. If this is you, call for a free consultation with an SSDI lawyer. For more information, be sure to watch the video linked in this article.


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