Who Let These People Sue?

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No one wants to be caught in a lawsuit. But sometimes, life deals you a bum hand of cards, and you have to face the facts. Whether you’re looking for a drunk driving attorney or a personal injury lawyer, going through the lawsuit motions can be taxing on your body and mind. Take a load off with these super ridiculous lawsuits. It’s really hard to argue that these people had a case at all.

Eek! Get them away! – An Ohio high school teacher attempted to sue the district after they moved her from a high school to a middle school. What’s all the fuss? She claims to suffer from pedophobia, an extreme fear of young children. She’s attempting to sue for emotional distress and discrimination. I don’t know if hurt feelings qualify for personal injury lawsuits.

This is so unfair! – A Lehigh University student, who attended the school tuition-free because her father is a professor, is suing the University for $1.3 million. After receiving a C+ in a class, she decided that it was only fair that she was offered reparations for her unearned suffering. Are there laws on hitting pedestrians at Lehigh? Because I smell a real Regina George ending for her story. Speaking of laws on hitting pedestrians…

Oh no, my car! – This guy sounds like he needs a drunk driving attorney. When a man in Spain struck and killed a young boy with his car, it wasn’t enough to live with the guilt. He decided to sue the boy’s family for having inflicted that guilt on him in the first place. (And for damages to his car.) He made national news and pulled the case after copious harassment from the public. (Not to self: not what to do after car accident…)

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