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Why Are More Older Americans Getting Divorced Lately?

Divorce and marriage rise and ebb every year. When you find yourself caught in the flow, a divorce attorney can help you get it all sorted.

As much as we might wish it to be, divorce isn’t a smooth or easy process. You have to take into account issues like asset relocation and property disputes if you had joint ownership over a home. The well-being of children’s mental health comes into play, whether that means visitation rights or a restraining order. You might even need an arbitration lawyer should two sides of the family come to a clash. Rather than attempting to ride the wave solo, reaching out to child support attorneys or divorce lawyers to help with paperwork will be a huge weight off your shoulders.

Need a bigger picture? Look below to learn more about divorce in America and the kind of resources at your disposal.

Divorce Rates Are On The Rise

America is changing rapidly. Marriage rates are down, divorce rates are up and the once traditional view toward relationships is going through a shift. The divorce rates for a first marriage have remained fairly consistent at 40%, rising up to 60% for a second marriage and nearly 75% for a third marriage. The mean age for a woman going through her first divorce is 29, while the mean age of men going through a divorce is nearly two years older. While there used to be certain factors that more easily predicted the possibility of a divorce, even these have become less common.

Traditional Views And Indicators Of Marriage Are Out

There are countless studies both old and recent determining whether or not a marriage will be more likely to stay together. The month of February, interestingly enough, is the month with the most divorce filings. A Norwegian study released back in 2012 found divorce rates among couples who divide household chores to be twice as high as those where the wife handles housework. Another study completed that same year also found men more likely than women to turn to alcohol following a divorce. Even smoking can be a factor.

Certain Career Fields Are More Prone To Divorce

It’s not just lifestyle choices. It’s also career fields that can determine whether or not a couple will be reaching out to a divorce attorney for advice. Marriages last longer when people marry at an older age, have a higher education or are more financially stable. On the other hand? Salespeople, nuclear engineers, and agricultural engineers are much more likely to divorce than people outside these professions. No matter where you land on the scale, you’ll need divorce advice to make sure the separation process is smooth for everyone involved.

Children’s Emotional Health Is A Case-By-Case Basis

For some children divorce can be a stressful time. For others it can be a great source of relief. The final outcome of your separation will depend on how consistently you approach each step of the process. The top five reasons for divorce in the United States include communication problems, infidelity, and financial issues. While children of divorced parents are twice as likely to drop out of high school as children without divorced parents, your unique situation needs to be looked at carefully. Statistics are guides, not ultimate rules, and should be treated accordingly.

A Divorce Lawyer Will Make The Process Smoother

A divorce attorney is your best bet toward a smooth and short process. Some divorces can be handled in a matter of months. Others can last for years if they involve arbitration, disputes, and issues related to child custody. Divorce rates among couples over the age of 50 have nearly doubled over the past two decades and are projected to remain steady in the foreseeable future. With a divorce attorney you can fill out paperwork and discuss additional problems to involved parties. They can also answer any questions you have, rather than leaving you to constantly search up solutions yourself.

Reach an informed decision with a helping hand. Let Galveston lawyers walk you through the next stage in your life.

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