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Why Should You Hire a Military Divorce Lawyer?

Military life isn’t like the average person’s life. The work, travel, and family life of military personnel is unique in many ways. This can play a part in why a divorce might take place in a military family and is the reason why your average family lawyer might not be the best option for handling the divorce.

A military divorce attorney is someone who specializes in the laws that surround this kind of special situation. They are knowledgeable in pension division and can help mediate divorce proceedings that are fair by federal laws.

Military ID Cards

A military lawyer is ideal when it comes to this issue. Technically, the family member who is enlisted is not allowed to their spouse’s ID card away. They could actually get into a lot of trouble for doing so. Having a lawyer who understands this and can walk both parties through the steps of this issue will come in handy. Whether the non-enlisted spouse wants to fight for their right to keep card or the military spouse wants it taken away, it is a legal process that is decided by government and not the divorcees.

Complications with Housing

The housing portion of a divorce can be extra complicated in a military marriage. Base housing is going to be handled differently than a home that is owned off base. There are time limits for vacating the home and exceptions put into place for children. You will want a lawyer who knows these laws inside and out and can answer all of your questions.

Pension Division

Military pension is one of the biggest issues that come up in military divorces. Pension division is dictated by a number of things, such as time married, jurisdiction of the enlisted spouse, and other specific criteria. A military lawyer can examine the marriage and help navigate this issue in a way that is just.

Choose a Military Divorce Lawyer

A military lawyer is going to be able to navigate a military divorce much easier than a regular divorce lawyer. They will know the laws and have experience dealing with related experiences. If you want a smooth and fair divorce, this is the best choice that you can make.

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