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With the Joy of a Wedding Comes the Possibility of Divorce

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On any given weekend around the country, you will find a wedding taking place. You might even be a guest or part of the bridal party at a beautiful ceremony. In fact, that bride or groom just might be you. And while no one at the celebration–especially the bride and groom–could ever see the marriage ending in a divorce, the statistics tell a vastly different story.

Within the first five years of a first marriage, 20% of couples separate or file for a divorce. For whatever the reason, first marriages run into difficulty relatively early. It takes a great deal more than love to make a marriage last. Many couples love each other deeply but find that they simply cannot live together any longer. But, if newly married couples can work out how to live together as man and wife, as a family together, the odds turn in their favor as the years go by. If newlyweds can make it to 10 years, the odds of the couple needing divorce attorneys drops to 33%.

Right now, 10% of the United States population is divorced. As sad as it can be, divorce is a reality now in ways it may need have been in decades past. Divorce law has become more of a specialized practice, and if you find yourself heading for a divorce, it would be wise to find a quality divorce lawyer to guide you through the steps of this difficult process.

Divorce attorneys handle divorce cases every day for a living. Many of them specialize only in this branch of the law. But, no two divorce cases are the same. Sometimes a divorce case is simply between two parties. They are the only two people involved in the separation and division of property and it can be relatively straightforward.

Other times, this is not the case at all. When children are involved in divorce cases, divorce attorneys need to be especially diligent as they prepare the cases for their clients. Keeping the children protected is very often a top priority for the parents, but knowing the law and what needs to be done legally to set up visitation rights that are fair and just is where divorce attorneys can give some of the best advice and do some of their best work.

Divorce attorneys that are quality attorneys will know how to negotiate and bring difficult cases to reasonable conclusions for all parties involved. In fact, the vast majority of divorce cases are negotiated and settled out of court.

You might be heading to a wedding this weekend. That wedding might even be your own. Nobody wants a divorce. They are painful and extremely hurtful. The effects can last for years and years. If you find that divorce is in your future, find divorce attorneys that can help make your life easier during that difficult time.

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