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Work With Skilled Lawyers to Protect Your Rights as a Worker

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Discrepancies between owners or managers and their employees are common and can be serious. But because the rules associated with employment can be quite complex, especially when it comes to determining what the worker is actually entitled to, it can be tough for individuals to make sure that they get what they deserve, especially when it comes to forming a union. In order to avoid that problem, if there is an issue, you should contact skilled and experienced employment rights attorneys. Employment lawyers will have an understanding of all the laws and regulations associated with employment issues, and be able to provide sound legal advice.

One of the biggest issues when it comes to your rights as an employee might have to do with forming unions. According to American Rights at Work, whose motto is “Advancing Democracy in the American Workplace,” some of the stats associated with unions are a bit frightening. More than a third of employers will fire workers who try to form unions and 57% threaten to close a worksite when talks of a union heat up. Though there might be a bit of a grey area in regards to rights for employees when it comes to forming unions, skilled labor lawyers can help make sure that workers’ rights are always protected.

Sometimes, employment rights attorneys when unions are being talked about in order to make sure that, if employees aren’t fired, they do not lose the pay and benefits that they have worked hard to earn. Nearly half of all employers will threaten to cut wages and benefits as a means to preventing a union from forming, and the National Labor Relations Board does not have the ability to fine an employer for willfully bribing, threatening, assaulting or firing pro-union employees. So a talented lawyer might be the only person who can help workers make sure that their rights are not violated when they make an effort to improve their working conditions.

As of 2006, there were more than 25,000 active unions in the United States and more than 15,000 included smaller groups of less than 200 members. In 2010, however, U.S. union membership fell to a 11.9%, which was the lowest rate in 70 years. While there are lots of factors that play into that trend, the threat of losing a job definitely plays its part. This means that employment rights attorneys can play a vital role in helping out workers who want to make sure that they are provided with safe jobsites and compensated properly for the work that they do.
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