So You’ve Been Deposed How to Prepare

So you’ve been served and you have to speak to lawyers for a pending court case. Before now, you may have even wondered, “what are depositions?” Whether it’s some shady business your neighbor was engaged in or your boss’ wife looking to get info for her divorce case, once you’ve been served, you have to respond. Here is what you need to know about how to do a deposition, including legal video depositions. They can come to you. Don’t break the bank trying to get to wherever you deposition is supposed to take place. By working with the attorneys, you can arrange a virtual deposition. In

States Take Steps To Stop Drivers From Running Red Lights

There is a huge discrepancy in our driving habits in the U.S. Nearly all drivers run red lights from time to time, with more than half of drivers (56%) openly admitting to it, according to the City of Baton Rouge official website. Still, wholly 97% of drivers say they feel as if their safety is threatened when other drivers speed through an intersection while the light signals them to stop. Various towns and cities are noting increased red light running (the 200 million licensed U.S. drivers run 2 million red lights annually) — and many are taking measures to do something about it. Do Roundabouts Prevent Traffic Violations? Up to a point, the answer is a resounding yes. Simply put, “Roundabouts are a safer alternative to traffic signals and stop signs,” ac

Does Marijuana Use Contribute to Increased Car Accidents? and Other Questions About DUI Auto Crashes

“Am I a victim of DUI?” This is a question you may find yourself asking if you were recently in a car accident. Auto accidents are some of the world’s biggest killers, and more than half of all road deaths in the United States affect 15- to 44-year-olds. If you’ve been in a crash and been seriously injured, you may wonder how to receive compensation for the accident. Additionally, you may have other questions, such as “Who should I call after a car accident?” or “Does marijuana use contribute to increased car accidents?” Here are the answers to your questions along with information on how to find a personal injury attorney. Who should I call after a car accident? If

Three Easy Steps to Locating a Personal Injury Lawyer

The aftermath of an accident and an injury can be both devastating and confusing, which makes the search for a lawyer — if you need one — all the more difficult. Hiring a lawyer is generally a good idea, since you’ll want to focus on recovering from your injuries and he or she will have more experience than you negotiating with insurance companies and going through the process of a personal injury lawsuit. Here are a few easy steps to locating a personal injury lawyer. 1. Start by asking family and friends. The first place you should always start when you’re looking to hire an attorney is with your family and friends. Most people know a lawyer, have needed a lawyer in the past, or know someone who knows a lawyer. Use this to your advantage and ask the people you trust the most for r

How Many People Are Killed By Fatal Truck Accidents Each Year? The Answer May Surprise You

Semi truck accidents can be some of the most terrifying and dangerous collisions on the road today. Victims may feel that they have nowhere to turn if they have been seriously injured, or if they have a loved one who lost a life in the accident. The most important thing that an injured person can do after an accident is to discuss the case with a truck accident attorney who will ensure that that person’s medical expenses are paid and justice is served. Just how common are semi truck accidents? The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that the United States sees an average of 11 auto accidents involving at least one semi truck per day, and a significant portion of these are fatal truck accidents. This number also represents a large amount of total accidents in the U.S. F

How to Recover From a Car Accident

When you are involved in a car accident, the moments immediately afterword are crucial to making sure you will be able to recover smoothly. Taking the right steps after a car accident will help you get the medical help you need, as well as assist the police and insurance companies with completing their investigations. Of course, no one is born knowing what to do after car accidents, so this handy guide is here to help. After every car accident, no matter how minor, you will need to seek medical attention. Even if you feel fine, your adrenaline may be masking pain that could surface later. Prompt medical treatment will help