What You Need to Be Asking Auto Injury Attorneys

You can find a lot of information regarding car accident injury lawsuits online, but that doesn’t mean all of it is accurate. That’s why, if you’re actually considering a lawsuit, it’s so important you actually consult auto injury attorneys in person. But if you’re just doing some preliminary research, here are answers to five of the most common questions people ask auto injury attorneys to get you started: What Is Negligence, Exactly? You’ve probably been told that in order to file a claim or lawsuit, you’ll need to prove the other driver’s negligence. What does that actually mean? Basically, you’ll need to show two things: that the driver had a duty to act a certain w

Don’t Make Costly Mistakes After a Car Accident

What should you do after a car accident? All drivers should know the basics: making sure all parties are clear of damaged cars and oncoming traffic, calling for medical assistance, and notifying the police. But what should you do after a car accident to increase your likelihood of avoiding a financial disaster? Here are the three most important steps to take: Documenting the Accident Scene Even if the police are also investigating the crash and filing a report (something that should be done for any accident in which someone was injured or there was more than a couple hundred dollars’ worth of property damage), you should do w

The Sad Truth About Pedestrian Injuries

Although many Americans might try and forget this obvious fact of life, you can’t avoid the truth forever: driving is hazardous to your health. And even pedestrians and bicycle riders face risks from drunk, drugged, or otherwise distracted drivers. As if relying on public transportation wasn’t difficult enough on its own, pedestrian injuries occur every seven minutes on U.S. roads. The truth is, pedestrian injuries are so common that many personal injury lawyers even specialize exclusively in helping them. So what does the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration say about pedestrian injuries? According to the latest figures available, pedestrians we

Three Tips on Finding a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Filing for bankruptcy is a difficult and stressful time in anybody’s life. For most, it’s not just the debt but the stigma that goes along with bankruptcy. The common impression is that someone is in bankruptcy due to irresponsible and reckless spending. But, oftentimes, that is far from the truth. The majority of filings, 62%, are due to illness and medical expenses–experience out of your control. Although some file bankruptcy independently, professionals agree finding a lawyer is best. You may wonder how to choose a lawyer who has the experience to navigate the intricacies of bankruptcy law. Here are some tips on how to find a bankruptcy lawyer: Family and Friends With t

Five Things Every Driver Should Know About Red Light Camera Tickets

Red light camera tickets have become some of the most controversial traffic violations, but why exactly? Here are a few points that drivers need to know about these traffic tickets: Red light camera tickets aren’t valid in every state; some states prohibit the use of traffic cameras for issuing red light violations, because it’s possible that the cameras can malfunction or catch a car going through a red light for a legitimate reason. Other states have strict restrictions on when and where traffic cameras can be placed to issue traffic tickets. Some s

The Shocking Truth About The Hot Coffee Lawsuit

People like to joke about the woman who sued because she spilled hot coffee on her lap while driving. The notorious coffee-spiller quickly became a punchline around the world. What most people don’t know — the plaintiff suffered horrible third-degree burns and required multiple surgeries to repair her burned skin. There’s a reason she received one of the largest personal injury settlements in American lore. Not so funny after all. The best personal injury lawyers can help American citizens injured during an accident recover the damages they deserve. Companies also pay personal injury settlements to cust