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3 Things to Consider When Choosing A Criminal Defense Attorney

In this YouTube video, Gustitis Law discusses three things to consider when choosing a criminal defense attorney. No matter which lawyer is selected, it’s imperative a person avoids attempting to navigate the criminal justice system without a lawyer.

Consider the lawyer’s competence, experience, and expertise.

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Start by researching the About Us section of their website to see how long they’ve been practicing and any certifications they might have. Check the home page to verify which types of criminal charges the lawyer defends.

Look at the attorney’s work ethic by researching their office and their staff. Search for comments by former clients to see how hard the attorney works for the people they represent. Specifically, look to see how well and how quickly the staff responds to questions and concerns.

Consider the pricing structure that the attorney offers. Many attorneys do not quote prices for criminal cases over the phone, requiring a person to visit the attorney in person. Some criminal defense attorneys will mention flat fees, and others will want an ongoing retainer. For some situations, the attorney might work for free or at a significantly reduced cost if a non-profit association assists with the case.

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