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Mistakes that People Make In Child Custody Cases

Are you currently in a child custody battle? It can be tough to deal with but don’t make the mistakes that most parents make in this case so that the child gets the best outcome.

The first mistake that the parent makes is trying not to let the child see the other parent. The judge who is handling the case is looking for any reason to see the bad in a parent, and forcing a child to choose is one of the worst things a parent can do. in child custody law, it’s important to know that no matter what gender the parent is, the law will choose the right parent for the child. Family law attorneys can only do so much to help, while the parent needs to reinforce their own case.

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A divorce attorney might tell you differently, how you deserve things more than the other parents, but a child custody law firm cares about what is right for the child. The other big tip is to not act out of animosity. No matter what the other parent has done, you need to make sure you understand that your child probably wants two parents.

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