Who Makes Money From Bail?

When it comes to being in jail, the first thought that comes to many people’s minds is how to bail themselves out. This is why there are bail bond agencies out there. A bail bond service helps the criminal pay the court fee so that they don’t have to wait in jail for their court date. Instead, they can spend their time in the comfort of their home or with their family and have a plan of action.

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The question is though, in a bail bond agency, who actually makes the money? A bail bond agent is responsible for keeping track of the criminal while they are free, but also reminding the client that they have to make their payments while they’re out. How the bail bond company makes their money though is that they take a percentage of the fee the court charges the criminal. So the longer you are out, the more interest accumulates onto the price you paid the bail bond company. If the client doesn’t pay, then the bail bond company will actually sue the client in order to get their money back.

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