4 Signs Nursing Home Neglect is Taking Place

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Statistics from 2014 found that there were nearly 15,600 nursing homes located throughout the United States. A nursing home needs to be a place where elderly loved ones can safely live. Unfortunately, there are instances where nursing home neglect occurs. It’s best to regularly visit any loved one placed into a nursing home. If you observe any signs of improper care, it’s wise to contact a nursing home neglect lawyer. Here are four signs your loved one might be a victim of nursing home neglect.

  1. Difficulty Moving on Their Own

    Many residents in a nursing home are encouraged to move. It’s important that the elderly have the assistance they need to enter certain entertainment areas of the home. Residents that are confined to a bed can begin to have muscles that atrophy away. It’s understandable that certain residents are admitted into a nursing home with mobility issues. If you feel that your loved one has been confined unjustly, it’s time to call a nursing home neglect lawyer.
  2. Change in Mental State

    It’s important to understand that the elderly are prone to suffering from mental problems. You’ll want to find out if mental changes are accompanied by signs of physical abuse. An elderly person that is treated poorly may feel intimidated or especially timid around staff members. It’s important to take note of any staff member that a resident shows specific fearful signs around.
  3. Unsanitary Environment

    You can learn quite a bit about a nursing home before reach a resident’s room. It’s important that a nursing home is a clean facility. You don’t want to see or smell any signs of human waste, garbage, or other unpleasant smells while visiting a nursing home. It’s important that a nursing home is adequately staffed. Statistics from 2014 found that there were 1.4 million residents located in nursing homes throughout the United States. It’s imperative that every nursing home has enough staff to provide residents with the care they deserve.
  4. Poor Patient Hygiene

    Every patient at a nursing home is likely to require care with certain personal hygiene matters. If you’re visiting a family member at a nursing home, it’s important to ensure they’re being shown proper care. Check that hair, fingernails, and toenails are all being properly cared for when checking up on a resident.

In closing, there are several signs that nursing home neglect is taking place. You’ll want to observe if a nursing home resident is having signs getting around on their own. If a recent decline in mobility has occurred, it could time to contact a nursing home neglect lawyer. You’ll want to watch for any signs in the mental state of a nursing home resident. Nursing home residents that show signs of fear might be intimidated by poor staff treatment. It’s important to take note of the conditions of a nursing home. You’ll want to ensure that a resident shows signs of good physical hygiene. Many people feel it’s wise to contact nursing home neglect lawyers when residents are being treated unfairly.

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