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5 Out of the Box Ideas for Making Yourself a Career to Follow

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People tend to stick to the same ideas when they are looking to start their career. The medical field is probably the most popular, following by law enforcement and sales. However, if you can’t see yourself in any of these types of jobs, then maybe it would be good for you to think outside the box a little bit. Here are a few ideas to get your mind working on a career that you may not have thought of before now.

Zoo Keeper, Animal Trainer and Aquarist
These are the people that care for the animals at zoos or in aquariums. The job can offer all sorts of unique opportunities. You could have a general job caring for all of the animals or you could specialize in a specific area of a unique animal. Many zoo keepers, trainers and aquarists have the opportunity to care for and oversee many exotic and beautiful animals be it for research, education or recreational reasons. It can be a very rewarding career and pays surprisingly well, although it can also be demanding and even dangerous at times, depending on the animal you are caring for or training.

Court Reporter for Hire
If you are going to be a court reporter for hire, you’ll have the important job of transcribing various legal events. This could be anything from trial to a legal interview or depositions. The transcriptions are legal evidence and are placed in official records so it can be a little stressful but if you have gone through the schooling and training and are official a court reporter for hire, once you get the job, it will be an exciting place to be. Court reporter duties encompass so much more than just transcribing however, hence the need for schooling beforehand.

Personal Shopper at Your Service
This is some people’s dream job. Many women love to shop and being able to be given money to go shopping with is fantastic. This one can’t only be accomplished through training however. There needs to be a certain element of natural ability and fashion sense if you are going to be a personal shopper. High profile people will be relying on your to portray a message through their appearance. If you can’t connect with their vision, then you may not be a very good personal shopper. It entails so much more than just spending someone else’s money.

Food Scientist Here to Help
Food scientist is another word for a test taster. These are the people that try out new foods in order to critique them and see how they made better. It is much more a business transaction than it sounds. There is training that needs to be done for this type of job so that you know what you are supposed to be looking for in all the foods that you taste.

Live Mannequin for Show
Another name for a live mannequin is a human statue. Many stores will pay pretty good money for real people to wear their clothes and stand in the store windows, as still as possible. The benefit over plastic mannequins is that the clothes are seen on real human bodies. It’s easier to imagine how it will look on yourself if you can see it on an actual human first. It also catches the eye of passers by more than plastic mannequins do. However, you definitely have to be able to have a knack for staying perfectly still and not getting bored or tired quickly.

All of these jobs pay surprisingly well and may get you started in the direction that you want. For example, a court reporter for hire could end up being a court reporter, or they could decide to advance during in the legal field once they understand a little more about the court process. A live mannequin could eventually go on to an extensive and successful modelling career. It’s all about getting your food in the door of the industry that you are interested in. Whether this is your stopping point or you want to go further, these five ideas are great money makers for the time being and they keep you out of retail and fast food!

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