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Are You Eligible for Veterans Benefits? What You Should Know About Applying

Military disability calculator

While there are almost 4 million disabled veterans in the United States, they may not be aware of the fact that they can get financial benefits based on the severity of their disabilities. In general, disabled veterans report that their service-connected disability prevents them from working, and veterans disability ratings range from zero to 100%, depending upon the injury. There is widespread availability of mental health treatment available for veterans, and many cities have special housing and work programs as well. In some larger cities, there are programs that pay veterans’ rent and living expenses for more than one year: after the first year is over, veterans can transfer the benefits to any city in the United States.

What many people with disabilities do not realize is that there is a wide range of “work from home” positions available with legitimate companies. If you have a mobility problem that prevents you from walking or from driving to work, you may be able to work from home. Typical positions include customer service — via phone, chat, or email — and there are also positions available for writers and home crafters. It’s important to check the Better Business Bureau in advance of accepting employment with a new company, but the idea that all work from home positions are scams is no longer applicable. The American economy is increasingly dependent upon people working from home: business are more reluctant to pay rent for stores and offices, and are much more likely to allow their employees to work from home on a regular basis.

Another option for disabled veterans is starting their own online business. There are websites that offer homemade crafts, ranging from metalwork to woodwork, that are making billions in profit every year. If you have a hidden talent or a part-time hobby, you might be able to grow it into a profitable business online. As long as you have a way to get to a post office about once per week to mail products to your customers, you can create a home business with very little overhead. Nowadays, it is possible to reach customers from around the world from the comfort of your own home. If you have a service-connected or other type of disability, think about what you would like to do for work: the possibilities may surprise you.

If you are in the process of filing a disability claim, you can look online for a military disability calculator or VA disability calculator. There are different rates of disability benefits paid for veterans who live alone, with a spouse and child, or with parents. Your local VA hospital can help you initiate the process of determining veterans disability ratings and applying for benefits: there will be a process of screening, and you will need to supply your current physicians’ information. If you take medications, take the time to make a handwritten or typed list of the medications you are taking: having the list available can be a timesaver at the pharmacy or doctor’s office.

Veterans disability ratings can change over time, and it is important to meet with a doctor as soon as you begin your veterans disability claims. Claims can take months — or even longer — to process and keeping paperwork together in a folder can help speed the process along. If you are wondering how to determine veterans disability ratings, talk to a doctor about the extent of your disabilities. You should also know that you may be eligible for a clothing allowance, a one-time car purchase allowance, and special medal of honor pension benefits. Take the time to talk to your treating physician about what you could be eligible for, and start the process of applying for veterans disability benefits today.

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