6 Important Traits of a Good Divorce Lawyer

Care and custody of the children

If you’re going through a divorce, it’s absolutely imperative that you have the support of a good divorce lawyer. Many people aren’t sure where to start looking for a lawyer during a divorce, so here are just a few of the most important factors you should consider when looking for a lawyer:

  1. Being detail-oriented. Divorce cases are notoriously complicated and it’s easy for small details to fall through the cracks — until they come out in the courtroom and cause a mess. A good lawyer will be sure to get all the details from you, even if they seem pedantic.
  2. A good reputation. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should only consider the lawyers who have radio ads and billboards all over the place. It means that you want to look for a divorce lawyer who is more concerned with successful cases because it helps clients, not because it gets him/her more press.
  3. Knowledge of state laws. Divorces, separations, and marriage annulments are all a little bit different depending on the state you live in. You don’t necessarily need a lawyer who has only practiced family law in your state, but you want someone who is familiar with the laws, processes, and paperwork in your state.
  4. Experience with other family law issues. Speaking of family law, finding a divorce attorney who also has experience as a family lawyer is very important when domestic violence is involved or when children are involved. Child custody, alimony, and child support payments can be complicated issues.
  5. Objectivity. It’s only natural that your emotions will cloud your judgment during a divorce, but you want a lawyer who won’t be emotional or feel biased toward one party. Instead of looking for a lawyer who takes your side on everything, look for a lawyer who is realistic and non-judgmental.
  6. Being aggressive — but only when it’s necessary. The fact is that many divorce settlements occur outside of the courtroom and mediation is becoming a much more popular way of settling issues. You want a divorce lawyer who can advocate for you if it’s necessary to go to court, but you also want a lawyer who knows the value of negotiating peacefully.

It might take some time to find the best lawyer for your case, but it’s a worthwhile investment!

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