What Should I Do If I Have Been Catastrophically Injured?

Catastrophic injuries nebraska

Accidental injuries are inevitable in life, however, catastrophic injuries are ones that usually could have been prevented. The Journal of the American Medical Association states that 225,000 people have died every year from medical malpractice, 50% of birth injuries were potentially avoidable by the medical team, and in the U.S. alone, over 37,000 people die in car crashes each year. Those are just a few facts that show some ways that catastrophic injuries stem from.
What is a catastrophic injury?
A catastrophic injury is an injury that is severe and is long-term or permanent, usually a disability or disfigurement of the person. These injuries have no legal definition, but usually leave the injured person unable to return to work. Most often, catastrophic injuries involve numerous surgeries, a long and hard recovery process, and sometimes medical treatment for life.
What should I do if I, or someone I know, has been catastrophically injured?
A lawyer for catastrophic injuries can be very helpful in personal injury case outcomes. You attorney will help you to prove the extent of your damages using facts and arguments in court. Just as in other personal injury cases, you are entitled to compensation for a losses, past and future, the came from the injuries.
What can I expect for compensation if my case is won?
There are many states that limit the compensation one can receive, but, when it come to catastrophic injury, the injured can receive more than the limit. Your lawyer for catastrophic injuries can help you to reach your full potential for compensation. For example, with the help of a lawyer, one plaintiff received $50 million after suffering a broken neck from a car crash.
If you, or someone you know, is catastrophically injured, don’t give up. A lawyer for catastrophic injuries can help you prove your injuries. This can lead to a compensation that will help with your medical bills and life’s needs, so that you can have a positive look on your future.

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