3 of the Weirdest Personal Injury Claims of All Time

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Personal injury attorneys see a lot of different accidents. Some of which you might expect. Some of which you might not. While slipping and falling or being hurt in an auto crash are fairly common personal injury accidents, what about getting grossed out because of reality TV?

Here are just a few of the strangest personal injury claims attorneys have ever seen.

Milkshake Explosion – Eating while driving is never a good idea. Just ask the man who, after stopping at a McDonald’s drive-thru, reached from some fries. He’d been cradling his milkshake between his knees, and — as you can probably guess — squeezed the delicious dairy treat when he reached for the fries, causing it to explode all over his windshield. Consequently, he crashed into another car. He blamed the fast food restaurant for his injuries, and the case got all the way to the New Jersey Supreme Court. After all, it didn’t have a warning label on it. McDonald’s ultimately didn’t have to pay for the man’s injuries, though.

False Advertising – Most people know that if you drink a Capri Sun, you won’t turn into a metallic blob that travels at high velocity, just as most people know that drinking Budweiser won’t make bikini-clad women materialize out of thin air. Richard Overton did not, though. He sued Anheuser-Buschfor for false advertising in 1991, claiming that the lack of beautiful women made him depressed and emotionally distressed. It took three years for the case to settle. Overton lost, and continued to drink beer.

Fear Factor Fright – Remember the guy this article mentioned earlier who got grossed out because of reality TV? Well, his name was Austin Aitken and he filed a case against the show Fear Factor. While watching an episode of the show that had contestants eating rats, he wound up getting nauseous. He did not win.

If you know of any other weird personal injury cases, feel free to share in the comments. To learn more, read this. Find out more at this site.

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